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This Card Game Helped My Partner and I Stay Close, Even in a Long-Distance Relationship

Being in a long-distance relationship is never simple, whether you’ve just started dating or had to move away from your longtime spouse. Finding ways to communicate with your significant other when you aren’t physically together is crucial to making things work, regardless of whether you live on different coasts or are only a few hours apart. FaceTime is a blessing, am I right?

Since I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for a year, there is one habit that has become a part of our nightly FaceTime routine and has helped us have both serious and humorous chats. I’m referring to the card game “We’re Not Really Strangers.” With friends, new acquaintances, or couples, this conversational game was developed to go beyond small talk and help you get to know others better. You’ll definitely cry and laugh by the time the game is over, and you’ll undoubtedly discover something new about each player.
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With its three skillfully created levels of questions and suggestions, “We’re Not Really Strangers” enables you to both strengthen your current relationships and forge new ones. According to my observations, the questions and prompts encourage more in-depth thought and dialogue as you go through the levels. Additionally, the game includes Wildcards that inject some humor and a variety of “Dig Deeper” cards that encourage open communication between players.

You can encounter inquiries like, “What interests me about you? ” on level one.

Which karaoke tune do you suppose I always choose?

Level three may challenge you to step beyond of your comfort zone with questions like, “How do you believe we met?

“, “What, if anything, do you suggest I let go of?

According to the brand, the levels are fully broken down here.

Level 1: Perception: We all form judgments about one another, but how frequently do we ever evaluate those judgments? You can check your initial impression and how effectively you read people on Level One.
The second degree of connection goes a little further. 50 seldom asked questions, but be warned: strong feelings may surface.
Level 3: Introspection: This is the time to consider your gaming experience.
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Expansion Pack for the relationship game We’re Not Really Strangers

We don’t actually regard each other as strangers.

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When I first met my spouse, I knew I had to get the Relationship Extension Pack since deep conversations make my mushy heart swoon. With the aid of the prompts in this deck, you can delve deeply into your relationship with your partner, think back on your interactions, and learn more about how they have changed since you first met. It works best when used in conjunction with the entire game because it is divided into three levels with wildcards. This is a great tool for going beyond your regular conversations, whether you’re playing over FaceTime or when you’re finally together. In the extension pack, there are a few prompts like:

What’s the sexiest thing I’ve recently done for you?

Which objective would you prefer to achieve this year? How may I help you with that, please?
How do our advantages and disadvantages balance one another?
Thank you for accepting _____, end of sentence.
Use Cases on FaceTime
I enjoy playing the entire game, but it takes time. So, in order to better match our daily schedules, my partner and I modified it. We pull one card each night instead of always following the whole instructions (or a couple of times per week). We draw a card to assist facilitate the discourse after catching up on the day’s updates; it provides us with a subject to explore in greater detail. This was especially useful when we first started dating and were still getting to know one another. It also serves as a pleasant reminder that there is always more to discover about the one you love.

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