This Couple’s DIY Organic Wedding Is Gorgeous, But Eye-Roll Worthy

There are a lot of dubious hipsters out there acting dubious. It can be challenging for us to take individuals seriously at times since the hipster stereotype has turned into such a caricature of itself. For instance, this wedding, which was inspired by Bon Iver and foragers, both makes us feel like we’re going to be alone forever and makes us roll our eyes so hard we’re not sure if they’ll ever turn back in the proper direction. This is a wedding that doubles as an independent music video. Does the fact that we’re in the era of DIY organic weddings excite or make you desire for tradition?

1. It’s a little bit harder to berate the pair because they do seem cute and content. But just somewhat. Is a tie-dyed doula currently reciting their marriage vows to them?

2. This ceremony was almost entirely handcrafted, and the Tasmanian woodland location, which provided a lush and verdant natural backdrop and was nature’s own magnificent design, just served to highlight its beauty.

3. Of course, this homemade wedding is too special for the usual, dull rice-throwing. These two therefore picked their own flowers and dried them themselves. Obviously. We’re kind of into it even if this kind of just looks like nice potpourri being flung at you.

4. These hanging moss balls are also kind of cool; after all, hanging plants are every Pinterest user’s fantasy come true. However, they also somewhat resemble animal droppings that are hanging from the branches. Call me traditional, but I like using tasteful hanging lights for my wedding. Additionally, the smallest welcome table ever had an excessive amount of wooden and woven boxes and baskets on it. Do not make us eat root veggies in instead of cake, please. There is beer, at least (which, of course, they home-brewed themselves).

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5. I’m grateful. Cake is still available. And they appear to have been lifted right out of a Gwenyth Paltrow blog post. These cakes are stunning, however we’re sure they contain a variety of vegan and buckwheat situations. She also made her own wedding cake, too! Personally, we wouldn’t be willing to spend our wedding day toiling away over our own cake, but everyone’s different, and it looks wonderful! It was undoubtedly prepared with wild fennel, figs that had been caramelized, mascarpone, and edible flowers.

6. On their wedding day, they wore no shoes. No doubt. We enjoy this section the most. Instead of being forced into stilettos that are concealed beneath a horrible tulle dress, wouldn’t it be nicer to dip our toes in the refreshing water? Check. It’s a match made in heaven that his man-bun and gauges look terrific with her Alice McCall outfit by Free People.