This Gown Designer Creates Stunning, Literal Works Of Art

When it comes to well-known evening gown designer, you may have heard of Alexander McQueen or Prabal Gurung. While such designers are talented and have merit, there are more undiscovered designers you should be aware of.

The one person whose name you haven’t heard of but really ought to is Sylvia Facon. When it comes to concept, silhouette, and mediums, this woman is the most meticulous of dress designers and very likely one of the most inventive ever.

She uses gorgeous materials to create an absolutely original style that is feminine yet elegant and careful.

This French fashion designer has the looks to rule any runway. She has made unearthly marvels out of unthinkable materials, including violins, genuine flowers, and ancient book spines.

Her features appear as though they belong in a museum and even seem to be a natural extension of the model’s body.

These dresses aren’t like the typical ones you see in high fashion publications. It combines the worlds of history to resemble something that might have been discovered many centuries ago.

This is a well-known floral motif, and the bodice’s colour suits it nicely. We adore the way the high grass is encroaching on it, making it appear as though her face is a flower blooming from the stems.

We are pondering whether Sylvia painted the portrait on the lacer herself or hired a painter in response to this exquisitely lovely number. It transports us to a simpler, more romantic time when there weren’t just bandage dresses and crotch peekaboos.

If historical subjects aren’t your thing, this faultless princess appearance is ideal for the ballet, your wedding, or simply a relaxing day in the park like the one this stunning woman is having. Weirdly, despite being the epitome of couture, this dress makes us love tulle.

We must acknowledge that the setting is ideal for this attire. This cleavage style is arguably the most elegant ever. We’re not sure how long it takes to put this masterpiece on and take it off because of the charming townhouses that line the bodice’s edge and the eerily gorgeous sleeves.

This violin clothing, which was meticulously crafted using real violin parts and music notation, would be much appreciated by music lovers. a fantastic interpretation of the one-shoulder style. Perhaps not the most comfy (how exactly will she sit? ), but a magnificent work of art that designers from many backgrounds will adore.

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