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This Is What Living In A Sexless Marriage Taught Me

Something about donning a straightforward piece of silky clothing makes me feel seductive and has a strong effect on my partner. B like how silky thigh-high stockings feel, and I enjoy how it makes me feel when he runs his fingers up and down my legs when I’m wearing them. These common close encounters and little touches are what contribute to our satisfying and voracious sex life.

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There are several justifications for why there is no sexual life in relationships such as marriages and partnerships, including a lack of time or energy. But I reject that.

While balancing family, work, chores, and soccer practice might be challenging, there is time for your spouse if you want to make that time for your part. I can speak from experience because I was in a sexless marriage for nine years.

Spend a little money on a pair of thigh-highs.

That will have affects that endure longer than your Venti at Starbucks. Find something soft if wearing something silky makes you uncomfortable. What sensations does your partner enjoy? In the middle of the day, put it on, snap a photo, and send it to them. Tell them you are considering them.

Sexting. Do it right now.

All day, B and I communicate by text. Little erotic messages in the midst of “Can you pick this up from the store?” and “How’s your workday going?” set the mood for what we’re anticipating. “ On my way home, I’m making a stop at the store. I believe you should simply take a shower and wait till I get home in your undies. So that I can kiss you starting from your toes, pausing in the middle for a delicious taste, and moving up to your soft lips while I’m in the shower.

Make time to kiss.

Kissing has health benefits! and possibly one of the most private activities you engage in. Making out for ten minutes might increase endorphin levels and strengthen your relationship with your mate. Take your time and savor the kisses you share. Snack, interact, and tease.

Cooking together

Definitely cook together. Any relationship can benefit from adding a little zing and fire by doing mundane things together. To kiss and dance in my kitchen. B is in the center of the kitchen when I’m about to run into him when I grab him and kiss him. I approach him if I see him at the cutting board facing away from me, encircling him with my arms while I kiss the back of his neck. He normally responds to this by turning around and giving me a little nuzzle.


Communication is the most crucial action you can take in any relationship, and it becomes even more crucial as intimacy grows. Do not expect your partner to show you affection if you do not express your preferences and what makes you feel that way. The vows did not include telepathy. Inform your companion if you prefer oral contact to sexual activity. Do you not pay enough attention to your clitoris? Find the location with your lover that makes you crazy. Together, you may explore with your hands. You are more familiar with your body than your partner, so you occasionally need to take the lead.

watch movies

I am constantly looking for new strategies to deepen connection and maintain a fantastic sex life. One day, I was curious about how to overcome the gag reflex so that we could both enjoy oral contact more. I stumbled across the AskMyGirlfriend YouTube channel and website. The “come here fingers” were the subject of a film B and I viewed, and ever since, my g-spot orgasms have never been the same.

Porn is nothing to be feared.

Porn gets such a bad rap, but before deciding to watch it with someone else, watching it by yourself is an excellent method to discover out what makes you turn on. On the internet, even the novice can find something to enjoy. I picked up the ability to do magical feats while wearing silk stockings in this way.

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