This Make-Up Artist Turns Her Face Into Mind-Bending Optical Illusions

In the Instagram community for makeup, fresh faces are always appearing. Everybody has their favorite brow accounts that they follow, and some are better at highlighting than others at shadowing. However, this story sticks out from the others.

Ines is a face painter from Croatia’s Zagreb, and she has insane talent. This is much more than just a Halloween makeup account, despite what some people might think. Ines uses true talent to paint optical illusions and works of art on herself.

She makes astounding use of dark negative space. We feel like no number of YouTube videos could ever teach us how to achieve this, from eerie pigtail dolls with abnormally wide lips and teeth to faces twisted up in a knot and distorted into various conundrums.

Ines wants her followers to know that even though it seems easy (it doesn’t to us), she typically spends 6 to 9 hours doing her makeup. Instead of just Kardashian-izing oneself, you must devote the rigorous attention to detail required of any genuine work of art.

Even the smallest dot or short line placed in the wrong spot can have a significant impact and “vast harm” to the final appearance. That’s a lot of pressure. We wouldn’t let a short line undo all our hard work if we had made it that far!

The looks that make it appear as though Ines is being strangled are our favorites. In those photos, she had pouting lips and large eyes that resemble cartoon characters in real life. Compared to other skeleton outfits we’ve seen, her Dia de los Muertos shot is also quite creative and unique.

Ines is meticulous in her attention to detail. We believe there is much more to come from this girl since she just has 96 posts yet 58k Instagram followers.

As of now, her designs are only on her face and neck, but we expect to one day see some full-body paintings by her. We don’t even want to speculate on how long it would take to create a full body, but we are confident that it would be amazing, if those took almost half a day.

What this lady can produce without Photoshop and with her tools really impresses us, from mind-bending looks to chilling ones. And as she rightfully deserved, that is what brought her hordes of fans.


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