This Sine Girl Brilliantly Recreates Celeb Outfits With Food

Have you ever considered dressing up like your favourite character or celebrity but decided against it because it seemed too difficult? It’s true that cosplay requires a lot of work, as well as a lot of time and money because some of the costumes may need to be fitted or be fairly expensive. But without needing to use any pricey materials or fancy items, there’s a girl in Thailand who has managed to become very popular for her cosplays and recreations of celebrity outfits. The 22-year-old Sine Benjaphorn made some quite spectacular ensembles out of only food.

When she realized how much she enjoyed both cosplay and cuisine, she had the brilliant idea to blend her two passions by including both into her cosplays. You must admit that is a really original strategy.

Sine is a student right now, but she has used cosplay to gain attention and establish herself as a significant social influencer in Thailand. She has already created a wide variety of outfits, from those of local celebrities to those worn by Rihanna on the red carpet, but she is far from finished and has many ideas for other cosplays. She even claims that attempting to recreate Disney Princesses with food is her next goal. We’re wishing her success! Following her on Instagram is a must if you want to see more of her amazing clothing recreations.

Is it obvious that most of this outfit is composed of mushrooms? Yes, we too didn’t think so because the mushrooms only appear fancy.

An excellent and surprisingly useful recreation of a L’OF cover. When you can use chip packets, who needs a puffer jacket?

A good old metal pan to use as a handbag and a skirt for salads. Really, this is brilliant.

You probably never noticed that Rihanna’s dress resembles sliced deli meats before this recreation, but you won’t be able to once you do.

A basket of spices was used to recreate another amazing Rihanna outfit. When you’ve got a whole spice basket on your head, who needs fancy crowns. Much more practical this way.

As you can see in the image above, Sine has begun to recreate Disney Princesses. Merida from the movie Brave would probably appreciate this look because this princess also enjoys food.

Although we think Sebastian from The Little Mermaid wouldn’t find this funny or like the ideal with crab-hair ideal.

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