Tika The Iggy Gets Names 5 Trends For Dogs

It’s unusual for Vogue to choose to interview an animal. Tika, however, is not just any animal. Tika, an Italian greyhound, will astound you with her sense of style and sense of fashion. She is a self-described homosexual icon and the year’s sexiest dog fashionista. If you are enthusiastic about fashion and want to achieve any kind of success in life, you should pay attention to what Tika has to say. Tika is a Canadian who resides in Montreal.

Tika has one million Instagram followers, one million TikTok followers, her own merchandise, fans all over the world, and she is currently featured in Vogue. She’s essentially succeeded. She is a trailblazer and an inspiration, and she kills it in both images and films.


Tika is so well-known that celebrities consult her for advice on what is and is not fashionable. Even Priyanka Chopra, the queen of style, called Tike for fashion tips and tried on a few ensembles to determine which looked best.

At this moment, we can safely assume that Tika can receive an invitation to fashion week in either Paris or London. We’re considering either front-row seats or possibly even a runway appearance for a high-end clothing line.

Speaking of fashion labels, Tika said in her interview with Vogue that her ideal brand to work with is Valentino and that Celine Dion is her ultimate fashion icon.

Dog sought to push the bounds of fashion by dressing up every day while the most of us spent our quarantine days in sweatpants. Fitted athleisure is her thing, and the brighter the better. Tika enjoys blending various colours and textures.

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In fact, Dog has discussed the dog fashion trends she thinks are most popular this year. Tracksuits in vibrant colours, turtlenecks, faux-fur coats (like her favourite “Gummy Bear”), knee-high boots, and a well-fitted trench coat are all must-haves.

Tika also revealed her biggest beauty tip, which is to take an hour-long nap every hour while sleeping for about 20 hours every day. She also takes care to drink enough water. Tika also prefers to maintain things stylish while she is in isolation and firmly believes that when going on a date, one should not be shy but instead try to express themselves as much as possible through their clothing.

Tika, like the majority of us, fantasises about taking vacations and hopes that, if the pandemic regulations permit it, she might visit Paris this summer. If not, she’ll keep herself occupied with her fashionable picture shoots and social media presence.

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