Top 10 Fitness Trends Of 2017

In the fitness industry, there are always passing fads. Some of them are constantly repeated and remixed, while others go into oblivion. The top fitness trends for 2017 are listed below. Do you believe any of them will last, or are they all just passing trends?

1. Hot Pilates and Yoga

One of the many purifying advantages of hot yoga, often known as Bikram yoga, is sweating off excess water weight. The trend, however, is difficult and not for everyone. Things will inevitably become a touch slick when performing difficult yoga or pilates positions in a room that is 90 degrees or warmer.

2. Running barefoot

According to this line of reasoning, since our predecessors used this method and it was successful, why are we spending hundreds of dollars on expensive running shoes? People are no longer wearing toe shoes because they believe that bouncing off the ball of your foot rather than a sneaker sole is less stressful on your knees and joints. Toe shoes were a passing fad.

3. Fashionable Tech

Not quite a fitness class, but surely a fad! People use Fitbits and applications on their wrists to properly track their heart rates, distance traveled, and other metrics with a straightforward watch or bracelet.

4. Online classes live

You no longer have to attempt to avoid eye contact while sitting in a stuffy, poorly ventilated room with 20 other individuals. DVD exercises are over; welcome to live-streamed spin classes like Pelaton, FitFusion with Jillian Michaels, and even the Barre3 workout with its ballet-inspired moves! Fit freaks who are antisocial, unite!

5. Foam rollers for mobility

Although a foam roller has long been a mainstay in the fitness industry, it seems to be gaining more popularity this year. You can even join group roller courses to stretch out your aching body and go deep into those sore muscles. They enhance circulation and have a cylinder-like appearance.

6. Twerking instruction

Yes, it might sound absurd, but it really does need a lot of labor! Despite targeting the same muscle areas as squats, twerking is more entertaining and tones your quads, obliques, and glutes. We dare you to perform this one without laughing!

7. Pole dancing

Did you realize that stripping might require some serious acrobatics? Although the metal pole isn’t the most comfortable material for your body to hug, the full-body workout will be worth it once you see the results in your obliques, legs, and abs.

8. The Megaformer

Do you enjoy Pilates? The Megaformer is a device that was created to teach “pilates on crack,” as it is sometimes referred as. You’ll be shaking nonstop from muscle exhaustion while using weighted springs and your own body weight as resistance, but you’ll start to see results in just a few weeks. The next day, you’ll probably feel like you’ve been struck by a truck.

9. Online boxing

Who still practices genuine boxing, really? For the previous couple of years, boxing has been a popular workout, and this year, it’s going digital! The first virtual boxing experience you may engage in offers 30 minute scripted sequences that you can learn at home using a program called The Boxx Method.

10. Airborne Yoga

Would doing yoga while hanging upside down be preferable if spending an hour doing so in a hot environment doesn’t appeal to you? This de-stressing exercise, which is referred to as a deep tissue massage for the entire body, uses an upside-down silk hammock to allow for extra-deep stretching. initially disorienting, and possibly not good for individuals who get vertigo!


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