Top 10 Trendsetting Cities For Fashionistas

The realm of fashion is diverse and ever-changing. We can’t foretell runway styles or the lunacy of some designers and Trendsetting. What we can do is conjecture, poke behind the ‘closed curtains’ of the fashion world, and wait for it all to drop on us. We might not know what is going to be ‘in’ but what we do know is where to find ‘it’: the fashion capitals of the world! What makes them the best? The offices of the top rank designers, hundreds of the most famous fashionistas and stunning models, and the biggest concentration of pure art.

Let us start with the one and only Milan. First and foremost: Milan might be what everyone thinks when they hear ‘fashion capital’ but this excellent faithful city is so much more! Starting mid 19th century Milan was already a trend-setter in Europe, pulling in great designers and painters to the city. Major labels based out of Milan: Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Miu Miu, and Versace to name a few.

Paris was an inspiration behind so many beautiful art creations. The tenderness of the human soul reflected in delicate works we see on the runways – that is what Paris is about. Taking its fair place in the world as early as 15th century Paris became a true inspiration behind the crazies and the most popular pieces of clothing.

Londoners’ classy approach to life bled into their fashion scene and omg – what is fashion without London now? One look at the biggest UK trendsetter Kate Middleton can show us the depth of the artistry London has to offer. This fantastic city is home for so many greatest designers: Burberry, Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, and Alexander McQueen.

Finishing up with the big four fashion capitals of the world we introduce to you the one and only New York City! The very first NYC fashion week took place back in 1943 and yes, you guessed it: it was one of the major events in the city that year. Since then, New York has become the centre of the biggest trends in the world.

Are you surprised Rio de Janeiro made this list? Rio has been a huge source of fashion inspiration. The city’s first festivals began in 1723! Since then, people have gone all out with their costume ideas, astounded by their decisions by people throughout the world. Rio’s fashion scene is vibrant and constantly changing.

Tokyo has recently demonstrated its distinct style and established itself as one of the world’s most renowned fashion capitals, with everything from daring street wear to avant-garde high fashion. Tokyo fashion is what it is because of its distinctive looks, including Lolita, Gyaru, Ganguro, Kogal, and many others: it is memorable, dangerous, and impossible to look away from.

A burgeoning Barcelona fashion scene is making a lasting impression on the industry. The city is home to the largest fashion schools in the world, imaginative designers, a thriving textile industry, and a promising future in fashion

Shanghai has made significant fashion advancements and is one of the most unexpected underdogs in the global fashion industry. With so many talented designers, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the intricate couture Shanghai has to offer. Shanghai should be closely watched by the world’s fashionistas because the entire country is on the rise to power.

About all you need to know to fall in love with this city is that Berlin Fashion Week takes place in front of the Brandenburg Gate. This city is doing fashion right with intriguing street wear and jaw-dropping couture pieces. Although the scene is still relatively obscure, it is undoubtedly expanding. Berlin will take over soon enough!

While absorbing the best of fashion from Paris, London, NYC, and Milan, LA created its own distinctive scene. Just observe the lavish red carpet attire worn during award season!

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