Top 10 Wedding Dress Trends Of 2019

The concept of a fluffy white wedding dress might not be your cup of tea unless you are completely in love with everything conventional. While tradition may occasionally rule, there are also fresh, innovative designs for brides who need a little extra oomph from their gowns. Here are the best wedding attire options for ladies of all inclinations in 2019.


Justin Alexander and Stella McCartney both had a strong year this year, so flaunt those hot shoulders and collarbones. This outfit offers a formal flair without being either stuffy or conventional and is classy without exposing too much cleavage.

Mellow metallics

Expect to see a lot of subdued, more neutral-looking gold hues that will really highlight your natural shine. If we’re being really honest, white wedding gowns are quite dull and outdated.


Say goodbye to puffy sleeves, extravagant trains, and overly glitzy appearances. As Meghan Markle demonstrated, this year is all about being smooth, sleek, and straightforward. Try a slim-fitting dress with a mermaid bottom that has a low back and a high collar.


You won’t leave the house looking like an ostrich, so don’t be concerned. Instead, picture high-end outfits with tiered skirts or pale pink feather sleeves. Although plumes are glitzy and elegant, they can also be worn simply if you don’t want to appear overtly campy.

Light blue

Why not a blue dress? Something borrowed, something blue This might be the ideal way to stand out from the bridal crowd while remaining just as exquisite as ever, in periwinkle tones with an ombre finish.

Low-high Hems

Not for individuals who wish to blend in with the crowd, this hemline is high fashion. This year, the bridal style is appearing in fresh volumes, textures, and shapes, including velvety lavender feathers or billowing tulle. You can show off your shoes and some leg while still looking sophisticated.

Capes aplenty

Although capes have long been a staple of the wedding industry, this year we’re seeing them in sleek and imaginative styles. Try a sheer cape that also serves as a veil, or even one that is lace and is incorporated into your wedding dress.

Extra-large bows

Although bows have always been a staple of the bridal industry, they can occasionally seem a bit too traditional and adhere to an antiquated idea of femininity. To make your look more edgy, add a big bow to infuse it with super-femme yet rebellious spirit.

Beach wedding

This transforms the image of a boho wedding gown-wearing, barefoot bride into a more upscale and swimwear-friendly concept. Consider wearing a floor-length veil with a body suit with diamond embellishments that is inspired by bathing. If you don’t feel like being that daring, consider wearing a translucent dress with a swimsuit-inspired liner underneath.


This year, dresses with delicate waist cutouts and cutout details in the back are popular, and we are in love with this design because it is so flexible. This provides a more dynamic feel to a simple garment while also exposing a little skin.

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