Top 10 Youtube Beauty And Makeup Gurus

Our appearance is crucial. We’re eager to connect with the other girls and talk about our beauty tips (friends and strangers as well). We exchange advice, fall in love with lipstick hues, enquire about long-lasting beauty techniques, and other things. In the previous few years, girls have created a large number of casts, unions, and blogs in the name of beauty. YouTube beauty experts, who rule the social beauty platform with their skilled and relatively straightforward instructions, represent the most recent version of this process. There are so many video beauty channels that it’s impossible to count them all. However, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 beauty bloggers right here. Get ready for a dose of real fun and beauty knowledge, regardless of whether you wear makeup like these ladies or not, or even if your interest in beauty is restricted to Facebook timeline postings. They’re going to greatly simplify your life, I vow on “Channel”:)

1. Zoella

a vivacious and effervescent British beauty guru, is Zoella. She has 7 million YouTube subscribers, and in November 2014, the fairly great bestseller “Girl Online” made its appearance. She is the star of the new cyber-stars and an incredibly attractive and talented young woman. With her simple yet brilliant films explaining her own cosmetic terms and fashion advice over the past five years, she has done nothing but promote the entire web. Her only other equipment is a laptop, an internet connection, and a camera. Please clap for me!

2. Ms. Kandee Johnson

a makeup artist located in Los Angeles, often makes us smile with her Instagram beauty pictures and YouTube tutorials. It’s really incredible how she alters herself into well-known movie, TV, and celebrity figures with the use of her cosmetics. It is understandable why she has amassed such a large following. You’ll enjoy her portrayal of Elsa from the movie Frozen as well as the amazing video of her metamorphosis into Madonna and Kendell Jenner.

3. Mrs. Michelle Phan

Michelle PhanMichelle began her career in the beauty industry with her own cosmetics business. No one can ignore her skillful how-tos, regardless of whether you’re a cosmetics pro or just seeking for some original ideas. Her book “Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success-Online and Off,” which teaches people how to decorate their faces in a way that no one else in the world can, has more than 7 million copies in print and more than 7 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

4.Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss’ beauty how-to guides are the ideal synthesis of cutting-edge knowledge and refined skill. The entire globe is enamored with his tutorials and thrilled to learn the surprisingly simple techniques for flawless makeup. He is a unique type of beauty demonstrator; he is not your typical YouTube vlogger. He is the only man who is capable of showing us how to use the Kardashian contouring techniques on his own face. His first batch of brushes on Beautilish sold out in just five minutes. We lack the words to adequately describe his talent. Go ahead and investigate it yourself.

5. the Bubz Beauty

Bubz BeautyHas hundreds of millions of views on her YouTube beauty vids that have been uploaded, as well as the same number of fearless fans and followers. Additionally, she has a YouTube channel called “Bubbiosity” with daily views of close to 20 million. Her level of creativity, sense of humor, joke selection, the manner in which she delivers advice, and her endearing smile know no bounds. There aren’t many explanations for why she stands out in a crowd.

 6. Blair Fowler

Blair FowlerUnder the alias JuicyStar07, this Georgian teenage blogger has been posting beauty and fashion videos since 2008. She tries to get around the world while pursuing her own goals of creating her own tutorials for the look she believes to be ideal. The webstar guru posts a sizable amount of truly brilliant ideas every day, encouraging girls all over the world to look their best

7. Amarixe

Before becoming well-known in the world of beauty blogging, Allison was her name. After graduating from college, this positive woman discovered her true calling. She rose to fame as a global beauty expert in less than six months. She differs from other cyber-celebs in that she offers advice on not only love and fashion but also general life issues that is always accurate, sensible, and helpful.

8. Elizabeth Morello

Chloe MorelloImportant vlogger with a massive library of movies, product reviews, and makeup tutorials. Her YouTube channel has 480,000 subscribers, and her self-described makeup tutorials have received more than 20 million views. She is absolutely obsessed with experimenting with new makeup techniques and is always happy to share them with the girls on the internet in her video guides. Her video tutorials cover everything from smoky eyes to bright lips.

9. Amy Liana

Amelia Liana is a 20-something woman from London who inspires the female community on a daily basis with her brilliant suggestions and simple advice on everything from cooking to fitness to beauty. In less than six months, Amelia has amassed a devoted fan base of over 23,000 subscribers. Her laid-back instructional movies always highlight high-quality, reasonably priced products. Her main concern is locating and utilizing products that provide excellent value for your money.

10. EuphoricCreation

Emma Pickles Emm Pickles (EuphoricCreation) is an 18-year-old shape-shifter from the UK who can impersonate a number of famous Hollywood figures. She is well known for posting instructional videos showing viewers how to paint themselves to look like classic movie monsters and fairytale characters, such as a super creepy recreation of The Joker. More than 3 million subscribers to this makeup magician watch her incredibly talented tutorials every single day!


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