Top 8 Most Stunning Model From The 1950s

It was a great time to be a model in the 1950s. Being a model at the time meant being a superstar, which was a first. In America, the 1950s were a great decade to be alive. Since the war was over, there were no longer any food restrictions, allowing you to spend your money however you pleased. The fashion industry was booming, new, modern trends were emerging, and models had a wide range of opportunities to choose from. After all, women all over the nation were eager to dress up, venture outside, and become visible. And who served as their fashion role model? Obviously, the models. Therefore, let’s discuss the top 8 models from the 1950s.

1. Dovima

Dovima is well-known to all; she was arguably the most well-known model of the 1950s. But did you know where she got that name from? The first two letters of her name, Dorothy Virginia Margaret, are used to create the pseudonym. Dovima’s success as a model is actually quite amazing given that she was diagnosed with rheumatic fever at the age of 10, spent the following seven years bedridden, and was home-schooled. She was found in the late 1940s, specifically in 1949, by a member of the Vogue staff, and by the 1950s, she had become famous!

2.Sunny Harnett

In the 1950s, Sunny Harnett also enjoyed great success as a model. She frequently graced the cover of Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar lists her as one of the 26 all-time greatest models. In addition to being a very successful model, Sunny also dabbled in acting and even starred alongside Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face.

3.Dorian Leigh

Dorian Leigh (Doria Leigh Parker), a well-known model who once graced more than 50 magazine covers, served as the brand’s spokesperson. She was adored by men and sought after by women. But do you know what’s really odd? She never would have considered becoming a model had it not been for her coworker. Dorian actually worked as a mechanical engineer and created parts for aircraft during the war. She then experienced vision issues and had to transition to working as a copywriter for Republic Pictures. She was encouraged to try modelling by a coworker while she was employed at Republic Pictures. Think it was the best advice ever in this particular situation?

4.Suzy Parker

Suzy was Dorian’s sister, as you can probably infer. Suzy’s success as a model proves that good looks run in the family. Thanks to her sister’s connections, she was able to establish herself as a 1950s fashion icon. Suzy first met renowned photographer Richard Avedon through Dorian. In the 1950s, they both travelled to Paris for the fashion shows, and Suzy’s career essentially took off from there.

5.Jean Patchett

Jean Patchett didn’t immediately consider a career as a model. A simple young woman from Preston, Maryland, she was. She initially tried a variety of jobs and even attended secretarial school. However, it was not meant to be. Jean’s true calling was as a model. She looks like she was destined to be a model with her dark eyes, tall, graceful figure, long limbs, and that distinguishing mole next to her right eye. In 1948, she signed her first modelling contract, and by 1950, she had appeared in Vogue. Before the term “supermodel” even existed, she was one.

6.Lissa Fonssagrives

Like many other young women at the time, Lisa had no real intention of becoming a model. She was more drawn to dance, art, and sculpture as a child. In Berlin, she did pursue her studies in dance and art. She even started her own dance school later on. Her passion for dance brought her to Paris where she began her ballet training. She met photographer Fernand Fonssagrives there, who would later become her husband. He introduced her to modelling at first, and after being discovered by a modelling agency, she rose to the position of top model. She appeared on the covers of many magazines, including Time, Vanity Fair, and Vogue.

7. Anne St Marie

. One of the most well-known models of the 1950s was Marie Anne. She exuded assurance and beauty, was graceful and elegant, and somehow managed to be a little enigmatic. Her smile always appeared a little ironic, and you can see her eyebrows raised in a lot of her photographs. It seems as though she was constantly amused by something going on behind or outside of the camera. She was incredible, but modelling was never simple. She had a mental breakdown when she was 30 because she knew that younger models would soon replace her despite her beauty and confidence. That such a beautiful woman would be concerned about something like this is actually kind of tragic, but that is the life of a model.

8.Carmen Dell’Orefice

Carmen is an exceptional woman. She has appeared on the covers of Vogue since she was 15 years old, and at 85 years old, she is still a working model. Despite a few breaks in her career, she consistently returned to modeling. People are envious of her incredible appearance and wonder how she stays so young-looking at 85.Carmen always advises people to take care of themselves and watch what they eat. She also does not conceal the fact that she has had some work done. Carmen has been receiving silicone injections for years—even decades—to accentuate her natural beauty, and about 50 years ago, she underwent a dermabrasion—a procedure that involves removing a layer of skin—to remove wrinkles and sun damage.

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