Travel Fabulously: 12 Airplane Beauty Hacks

Traveling by train can be exhausting, but only if you don’t prepare for it beforehand! With all the temperature drops, dehydration, and inability to get a full night’s sleep while in the air for more than a few hours, it can be difficult to look your best. However, travel experts have figured out how to get around the majority of in-flight challenges, so you can too! Here are 12 tips for looking amazing on a flight no matter what.

Bring a sleep mask.

The main cause of why we appear so worn out and disorganized after a long travel is not getting enough sleep. Instead of using the on-board sleeping masks, choose a comfortable (and fashionable!) sleeping mask of your own. In this manner, when your jet lands, you’ll appear relaxed and fresh.

Hair should be tied back.

Yes, we understand that you enjoy the way your hair falls freely over your shoulders, but trust us when we say that it’s best to tie it all up in a nice bun when flying to prevent looking scruffy when you land. Additionally, you won’t need to be concerned about it getting messy while you sleep.

A must-have is chapstick.

You’ve probably noticed how terribly dry the air is inside airplanes. This implies that in addition to your skin, your lips will also start to break. Make sure your lips don’t become overly dry while you’re in the air and carry a moisturizing chapstick to prevent this aesthetic disaster.

Use some bergamot oil to freshen up.

Why not utilize aromatherapy on the flight as it has been making a comeback? Take a little bottle of your preferred scent with you. Applying some bergamot or lemongrass essential oil on your wrists before takeoff or after landing is fantastic. You’ll simultaneously feel revived and smell fantastic!

Request complimentary cosmetics samples

This simple tip is unknown to the majority of people, but it can really save your life if you have to spend hours at the airport. If you haven’t packed your essentials, you can visit the duty-free stores and request complimentary beauty samples. and what’s the best? They are genuinely something you can use!

Select a small deodorant.

Everyone is aware of how important it is to smell good on an aircraft, but it’s so simple to overlook this tiny element! Why not use a baby-size deodorant instead of carrying around a regular-sized one? It’s a lifesaver, particularly if you’re going to spend hours in flight with no showers.

Eyedrops must be remembered.

How many times have you exited an airplane with swollen, puffy eyes? You don’t actually need to do that, though! All of your issues will be resolved if you get a bottle of good moisturizing eye drops for yourself. Even if your eyes are normally in good shape, keep in mind that the air in the plane is extremely dry and can lead to a variety of issues.

If you dare, put on a sheet mask.

Although wearing a sheet mask while traveling can turn out to be the finest thing ever, at least for your complexion, we girls prefer our privacy when it comes to our beauty routines. Just picture how energized and at ease you’ll be afterwards! And absolutely no skin that is dried out. You should absolutely think about using this trick.

Bring a thin concealer.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to sleep on a flight, we nevertheless appear to be dead tired. When that occurs, concealing the black circles beneath our eyes with a little concealer is the next best thing to getting a good night’s sleep. There is nothing wrong with wearing some makeup occasionally!

Attempt dry shampoo

Packing some dry shampoo in your carry-on suitcase may be a good idea depending on how long your flight will be. Dry shampoo can be very helpful in situations when oily roots are a genuine problem. It will maintain your hair full, fresh-smelling, and assist in getting rid of those bothersome oily roots!

Apply face mist.

Use a little of that special facial mist that smells so good and can hydrate even the driest skin to calm your skin and get ready for the dryness of the air on the plane. Apply a small amount of it just before you take off to provide your skin a protective layer, and again just before you land to hydrate your skin after the exhausting journey.

Take in a lot of water.

And by a ton, we mean a ton of water! No matter what safety measures you take, if you don’t stay hydrated, you’ll end up looking drained and exhausted. Your body as a whole will appreciate it later!


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