Trick Or Treat? The Very Best Halloween Makeup Ideas To Try This Year

The maxim “the scarier, the better” exclusively applies to Halloween makeup. It’s the one occasion where using excessive amounts of makeup to create a unique Halloween look is never a mistake. You can match your makeup to your costume or just wear it in place of it. The only important thing to remember is that you can now begin your beautiful transition into a new character and forget about who you really are.

Marilyn Quinn

The Suicide Squad movie is highly anticipated, and this has increased interest in Harley Quinn and Joker. The unkempt character makeup is quite simple to use. To achieve that pale, clown-like skin, use baby powder or white face paint. For the eyes and eyebrows, use black eyeliner (including inner eyelid). Now all you need is some mascara and red lipstick (actually, you can use more mascara around eyes creating a smeared effect).


The Spanish word “calavera” means “skull.” Beyond Mexico, this makeup look has recently become extremely trendy. On Halloween night, with the hues of terror and romance blended in one image, it looks incredibly classy. Although the method is a little more difficult than your standard makeup, it is definitely worth trying. You must start with a white cream base if you want to get the Calavera appearance. Apply it to your face while avoiding the areas around your eyes and nose. Then, to create the appearance of a skull, fill in the nose and eye areas with black cream. If your painting skills are good, you can add a lot more intriguing details. To produce the impression, however, just outlining the cheekbones and teeth is sufficient. Since there are no regulations for Calavera makeup, you can be creative and try new things.


Do you recall the colorful tribal image on Rihanna’s W magazine cover? Certainly, this diva knows how to seduce. Why not incorporate some tribal features into your Halloween costume with the Halloween makeup idea? Imagine that an abstract picture depicts your face. To add lines, dots, and other geometric components, use small brushes. Use eye makeup to add a red, blue, or green tint to your face. Pay close attention to the forehead since it can be covered with ornament painting or face paint to make it darker or lighter.


The classic zombie look never goes out of style. Additionally, you have a zillion possibilities at your disposal. Make your face look gray, green, or pallid. Your face should also have blood stains. Make your eyes stand out with black eye shadow (white eye lenses would be great to create contrast). Another benefit is that you may blend zombie makeup with any other character, such as Audrey Hepburn, Snow White, or the Spice Girls.

The term Pop Art

Try pop art makeup if you don’t want to go for a spooky look. If done correctly, it appears incredibly unique. On your face, apply the base, which is usually light. And after that, draw lines on your nose, cheekbones, and chin to create clearly defined angles. There are lots of dots in pop art makeup. Red can produce chicken pocks rather than the pop art appearance, so use caution when selecting colors for pointillist patterns.

Fearful Doll

Scary DollThis image must be both frightening and innocent. Applying thick artificial eyelashes or painting eyelashes all around your eyes will highlight your eyes. Apply vivid blush to your cheeks and use a liner to create freckles. Then, give your lips a bow-like shape and add extra gloss and fullness. For doll makeup, the hue shouldn’t be too dark; typically, pink or crimson would do.

Thursday Addams

Due to her advanced age, Wednesday Addams wore very little makeup, making it the simple choice. Apply powder to your face and lips, then accentuate your eyes with eyeliner or black eyeshadow. I’m done now. You can use black (or dark red) lipstick and mascara to give your eyelashes more volume. However, they are optional. The traditional two plaits hairdo must be worn with little makeup to complete the “Wednesday look.”


This fairy tale villain is both beautiful and terrifying. Her makeup is also relatively straightforward, making her the ideal Halloween night character. To make your face appear pale, as usual, you need white paint or powder. Then use eyeliner to emphasize your eyes. Red lipstick is a need for this look; attempt to give your lips a little bit of “Angelina-style” volume. Finally, don’t forget to draw attention to your cheekbones because it is the finishing touch to your ominous appearance.


Find your primal urges and let the beast out. No, disregard leopard or cat fashions. Here, we are dealing with true animals. Use face paint to create a split, ripped jaw on your face and neck. Add pointed fangs and skinless, bleeding areas to your face. Another good choice is the stitched mouth appearance. Just keep in mind that this artwork involves more advanced painting techniques, so you might need expert assistance to achieve the desired look.


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