Turn Your Eyebrows Into Christmas Trees For The Festive Season

There appears to be a new eyebrow fashion every year since filling in the brows became necessary. We can all still recall these fashion fads: thick and thin, feathery, sparkling, and even an attempt to popularize Santa hat eyebrows. Oh, and don’t forget about bauble brows as well. The point we’re making is that even though there have been several brow trends, especially this year, this one may surpass them all. Taylor R, a Canadian model and YouTuber who goes by stay xx on Instagram, created Christmas tree brows just in time for the holiday! By using your face, share the holiday cheer. It might have been a playful joke on her part, but her fans jumped on it and began replicating her style or creating their own versions to post on Instagram. See the hilariously festive outcomes by scrolling down.d

1. Taylor, wearing her festive invention—the Christmas brows.

2. Additionally, this appears to be one of other people’s initial tries.

3. I think this copy is pretty impressive.

4. I really appreciate how this girl even has red sweater on like Taylor and how her hands are holding them.

5. It’s possible that this girl gave it a go with one brow and decided that was enough. Obviously still counts.

6. These Christmas eyebrows are by far the best we’ve ever seen. Her brow is embellished with fairy lights in addition to a star at the top and beautiful stones for ornamentation. Maybe dangerous. But the result is amazing.

7. I like the new green eyebrow mascara, however it could just be green eyeshadow. Whatever makeup is, it certainly draws attention to her brows and makes them appear even more like miniature Christmas trees.

8. This gal gave it her best. Gold stars, a scarlet sweater, green eyebrows, and even a real Christmas tree in the distance can all be seen.

9. Very well done. It’s a very wearable version, if not for the large gold stars.

10. Her brows aren’t even entirely green, which makes this kind of amusing. Yellow parts can be found. A dead Christmas tree, perhaps? One that has overstayed its welcome, you know?


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