Ukrainian Girl Does #100DaysOfMakeup And The Results Are Stunning

These days, creative makeup looks are all the rage, but few of us truly have the courage to try our hand at creating a daring makeup look. However, one upcoming Ukrainian makeup artist set a goal for herself to complete #100daysofmakeup, and boy did she succeed. Her striking appearance serves as an example of how pushing yourself to learn more about your interest and attempt something new every day may produce amazing results.

Here is a little interview we had with the young woman who runs this inspiring Instagram account.

We just know you as @blyskitka, but we’d love to get to know you better. Tell me your name. How do you behave? From where do you hail?

Hi, I’m Natalia, and I reside in the Ukrainian city of Lviv. My creative outlet is makeup, and I work in software development.

Is applying makeup something you do as a pleasure or as a job?

Simply put, a means of relaxing and switching to something completely unrelated. It is now only a pastime of mine, but hopefully it will develop into more in the future.

What motivates you to design such gorgeous makeup looks?

It can be challenging to get inspiration, but I never wait for a “wow” moment. I look at a lot of Instagram beauty posts, mentally highlighting unusual forms or color combinations. I adore textures, including woven fabric, wood, and wilted flower petals. Sometimes all I do is stare at my own face in the mirror and consider the lines and color arrangement. It’s a useful approach to urge you to think creatively.

What inspired you to take on the #100daysofmakeup challenge, and how challenging was it to finish it?

I made a bet with a friend called 100daysofmakeup, and I’m so glad we won. Though occasionally the impostor syndrome set in and I didn’t enjoy some of the stares I got, it was much simpler than I had anticipated.

What makeup styles do you typically wear? Do you always dress the same way or do you strive to do something intriguing and different?

The amount of time I have in the morning has a big impact on how I appear every day. If I’m pressed for time, I quickly apply nude lipstick, a light dusting of bronzer, and a wash of color over the lids. I create more vibrant looks with liner when I have a little more time.

After finishing the #100daysofmakeup, what did you learn?

Thanks to the challenge, applying makeup has almost become second nature to me. I just put on some relaxing music and work without worrying. It resembles therapy. It also helped me realize that creativity doesn’t just happen; you need to produce in order to be creative (ha!).

Which type of cosmetics do you favor using? Those you prefer?

I enjoy applying makeup, and my go-to textures have always been those with shimmer or glitter. I absolutely enjoy how they can alter your entire appearance by reflecting or, conversely, trapping light. I stopped purchasing makeup that had been subjected to animal testing and have since adopted a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Which makeup artists are your favorites?

My favorite makeup artists are Lisa Eldridge and Jo Baker because they are so elegant and stylish (a celebrity artist who is very brave in her red carpet choices). This list is pretty lengthy because I also follow a lot of talented individuals.

What upcoming plans does @blyskitka have?

Regarding my art, I don’t have any specific intentions for the future; all I want is to continue to create and expand my audience.


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