‘Unicorn Horn’ Braids Are A Magical But Crazy New Hair Trend

This year has seen a number of weird fashions become popular, including guys sporting glitter in their beards and spending what seems like weeks trying to remove shine from their facial hair. But this style, which is going viral on social media, may take the cake. Girls are twisting the front of their hair into a projecting cone that resembles a unicorn horn.

With this peculiarly enchanted and gravity-defying trend, we all have a chance to become unicorns.
Girls have begun to braid the front of their hair so that it protrudes, and we must admit that we like the style. The rainbow unicorn hair trend from this year has been taken to a new, more literal level as a result.

You essentially end up looking like My Little Pony, which is the fulfillment of all your childhood fantasies. This goddess is proof that you can braid your hair without coloring it wacky colors if you’re not into the rainbow hair dye trend. However, it should be noted that this trend particularly pops with pastel-colored hair.

Well, if you want to intensify the storybook feel. The aim is to make it appear as though a towering cone or spear of hair is coming out of your forehead by embracing these odd yet majestic horns. Of course, in the most princess-chic manner.

People who wear their hair in the whimsical style braid it into horn-like shapes and color it in a variety of soft rainbow hues, cotton candy pinks, and other hues. If you truly want to take this fairy-tale haircut to new heights, get extensions before you begin. If your hair is naturally long, you’re lucky. Short hair will do if you want a shorter, cuter horn.

Revel in the splendor of the unicorn horn braid for that special social setting where it is okay to wear. It probably isn’t a smart look to try out at work, and people nearby you at concerts might detest you. If you honestly care nothing about what other people think, wear this at your next party since adults are dull. We believe it looks fantastic.

Start by creating a ponytail out of the front area of your hair as usual, but stop halfway through so that a loop of hair forms instead of pulling the ponytail all the way through.

Then, create a cone-shaped loop by encircling it with the remaining hair in the pony. To make the cone bigger, pull a little on the top once you’ve pinned it in place. Apply hairspray next to keep the horn upright. hair spray in abundance.

If those directions were challenging to follow, fortunately, a very inventive beauty blogger is on hand to assist us. Her video will undoubtedly keep you busy all afternoon on Saturday trying to complete this unusual braid. Although the video actually begins with Venus giving a beauty tutorial, you can fast-forward to 9:23 to see the crucial hair horn.
Tutorial video


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