Valerie and Kelly Get Candid About Body Image

One of the most real and straightforward women in Hollywood is Valerie Bertinelli, followed by Kelly Clarkson. It therefore comes as no surprise that they discussed some real, raw issues, including body image, when Bertinelli stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show this week.

Bertinelli has a troubled relationship with the scale and has long been open about her weight issues. The Food Network star describes her experience with crash dieting and how she was raised to feel about herself in her memoir, Enough Already.

“I grew up believing that gaining weight made you unlovable, but that’s not true, so I’m still working to get that out of my system. Bertinelli said to Kelly Clarkson, “It’s just a lie.

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Clarkson concurred and acknowledged dealing with related issues. However, she moved quickly to halt them. What made her happy was that, she said, “I think so many things happened to me when I was young about my weight that, even at a young age—like, so many things got said—whenever that’s I was just like: ‘Whatever, I’m not going to please anyone’.”

Bertinelli praised her for being strong. God be with you, she wished. When you learn as a young girl and then try to get that out, it’s difficult. Therefore, you should be extremely proud of yourself for breaking that as a young girl. I needed a lot of time.

The “Since You Been Gone” performer is grateful to have made those progress before winning American Idol and starting her legendary career in the spotlight at the age of 20. It was fortunate that it occurred before I entered the field because it is difficult, she said.

I’ve had it with judging myself.

Nevertheless, despite being two of the most approachable and gracious celebrities in the industry, the pair acknowledged that they don’t always treat themselves fairly. In fact, I received advice for 2022, which was to “treat yourself how you treat others,” according to Clarkson. Because, in my opinion, we tend to be kind to others more frequently than we are to ourselves, which is terrible.

Bertinelli gave a nod. I’ve had it with judging myself. I’m done with all the negative feedback I give myself; there’s enough of it already,” she declared. She stated that she is “changing the perspective, the view, and the narrative” instead.

And if these women can teach us anything, it’s that you can always go back and change the course of your life.

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