Veggie Breakfast Sandwich

Might I at any point let you know confidential? These veggie “breakfast” sandwiches are a great, basic feast for any season of day. This is an incredible back-pocket recipe for occupied days.

Most breakfast sandwiches are rich and weighty, with loads of margarine, cheddar and bacon. This meatless breakfast sandwich is on the more sound side. It includes an unassuming measure of dissolved cheddar and a few new veggies to adjust it.

This egg cooking method is so speedy, your egg will be prepared when your biscuit jumps out of the toaster oven. Go ahead and add any fresh, crude vegetables in your cabinet.

I honestly love the onion and hot sauce parts, which are strong all alone however balance out the extravagance of the eggs and cheddar. Feta, crude spinach and cooked red pepper would be a decent elective combo. You likewise can’t turn out badly with goat cheddar when eggs are involved.

Step by step instructions to Make the Best Breakfast Sandwich

The ideal breakfast sandwich offers layers of restricting surfaces and flavors. I recommend this

  • Toast your English biscuit, for a tad of crunch and some warm, hot flavor.
  • Spread great mayonnaise across the base bun for some richness and tartness. I suggest Sir Kensington’s image.
  • Crush up some avocado in a bowl. The crush spreads effectively over the excess bun.
  • When your messy egg is prepared, place it onto the mayo side. In the event that and provided that tomatoes are in season, add a cut of red tomato.
  • Then add some red onion for a sharp flavor and smash to differentiate the delicate egg. Assuming you’re delicate to onion flavor, flush the cut onions under cool running water to talk off a portion of the edge.
  • Top the red onion several sprinkles of hot sauce. I love Tabasco. The tart sharpness nearly makes the onions taste salted, and gets through the rich, smooth kind of the eggs and cheddar.
  • Arugula offers new, peppery flavor. Load it up!
  • At long last, put the avocado bun on top, avocado side down. To cut, cautiously slide a sharp, pointed blade into the focal point of the sandwich, and cut across to one edge. Rehash the other way. Serve warm.
  • The most effective method to Cook the Egg
  • The fried egg biscuits you see here are a stroke of Deb virtuoso. I saw her cooking strategy on A Cup of Jo quite a while prior, and I’m a major fan.

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Fundamentally, you scramble up one egg with a smidgen of water (the water keeps the egg from carmelizing too early). Empty it into a hot, medium-sized, buttered skillet. It begins to set very quickly.

Place two or three cuts of cheddar in the middle to dissolve, then crease one side over the center, trailed by the contrary side. Rehash with the leftover different sides. What’s more, you’re finished!

Eggs cooked this way will satisfy kids, as well as runny yolk-unwilling people and fundamentally everybody. Attempt it, and you’ll see.

If it’s not too much trouble, let me in on how you like this morning meal sandwich in the remarks! It’s a truly extraordinary, basic recipe to keep in your back pocket.


  • 1 entire wheat English biscuit, cut fifty and toasted (or two minuscule cuts of bread, toasted)
  • 2 teaspoons mayonnaise
  • ½ ready avocado, pounded
  • Salt and newly ground dark pepper
  • 1 enormous egg
  • ½ teaspoon water
  • 1 teaspoon margarine or olive oil
  • 2 little cuts of cheddar or Monterey Jack cheddar (about ½ ounce, some other melty cheddar will do)
  • 1 cut of ready red tomato, assuming tomatoes are in season (discretionary)
  • Daintily cut red onion
  • A few hints of hot sauce (like Tabasco or Cholula)
  • Little small bunch arugula or fledglings


  1. To set up your sandwiches, spread the mayonnaise over the lower half of your toasted biscuit. Spread the pounded avocado over the other half, and sprinkle it with a couple of runs of salt and pepper.
  2. Heat a medium non-stick skillet or very much prepared cast iron skillet over medium-high intensity. In a bowl, scramble the egg with the water and a couple of runs of salt and pepper.
  3. When the skillet is hot, add a pat of spread and whirl the dish to cover the base. Pour in the fried egg and promptly twirl the egg in the lower part of the skillet to make an even layer.
  4. Quickly place your cheddar in the focal point of the egg blend as displayed. When the egg is sufficiently set to crease over onto itself with a spatula (this could require 30 seconds to 1 moment), crease one side over the center, then the contrary side over the center. Rehash with the other different sides so you have a charming little egg and cheddar envelope. Allow it to cook for one more 15 to 30 seconds, until it’s set enough that you can move it to a plate.
  5. Put the cooked egg on the mayo-shrouded bun. Top with a cut of tomato, if utilizing. Add with a few cuts of red onion, a couple of runs of hot sauce, and somewhat modest bunch of arugula. Top it with the leftover bun, avocado side down.
  6. To cut it down the middle, embed a sharp blade into the focal point of the sandwich, and cut across to one edge. Rehash the other way. Serve warm! On the off chance that you’re making more sandwiches, decrease the oven temperature from medium-high to medium, as the dish just gets more sultry the more it’s on the oven



Recipe adjusted from Deb’s recipe for The Best Egg Sandwich You’ll At any point Have, through A Cup of Jo.
MAKE IT DAIRY FREE: Essentially skirt the cheddar.

MAKE IT GLUTEN FREE: Use sans gluten English biscuits or cuts of toasted without gluten bread.

Switch things up: You can supplant the mayonnaise with extra squashed avocado, whenever liked. An elective flavor blend that sounds great, truly? Attempt feta cheddar, spinach rather than arugula, and a cut of cooked red pepper.