Victoria Beckham Wears Her Own Designs

There are many things that Victoria Beckham is renowned for. Many of us still think of her as Posh Spice from the Spice Girls, where she first appeared. She is also wed to David Beckham, one of the most well-known, attractive, and well-known English football players. She is also a model who is envious of her exquisite style and taste, as well as a person who has become a successful fashion designer in her own right. Victoria obviously enjoys making clothes that she would want to wear, unlike some designers who produce collections and fashion items only as works of art or for the models to wear. She even frequently dons outfits that are styled very much like those from runway displays. Check it out, shall we?

1. Victoria is pictured wearing a black coat with chain accents that was just off the runway. For consistency and a polished appearance, she added a handbag with the same chain to the outfit as well.

2. See? Identical coat, different wearer. It’s obvious that it looks good on the runway, but it also wears well every day and adds some colour to your life.

3. It is obvious that this dress makes a statement, therefore you don’t even need to consider accessories. Victoria dressed it in the same manner as she did for the model, as you can see. All you need are pointed shoes, but in her case, she chose heels to give her a little more height.

4. Victoria also frequently adopts a style that is quite similar to the ones she picked for the runway but somewhat different. While it was a skirt here, it was a dress on her.

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5. I adore this dress in military style. That she would design and wear this garment herself is very Victoria, and it makes total sense.

6. Almost the same look, with the exception that Victoria chose a red shirt collar for the runway rather than a neutral one.

7. It might be a different skirt, but the sweater is unquestionably the same. Additionally, the outfit’s overall concept is the same.

8. Yet another perfect illustration of how Victoria makes things distinctive by making minor changes to them. The suit from her collection is on the right. On the left, you can see how she gave the identical shirt she was wearing underneath a distinct look by altering the collar to black and donning black heels.

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