Victoria’s Secret Runway Show Gets Cancelled

The legendary Victoria’s Secret fashion show is over. Although some people are outraged about it, for the most part, both models and the general public are thrilled that the VS fashion show, which would have been in its 25th year, is being abolished. Their audience size declined to 3.3 million people the previous year.

Why old-fashioned, you ask? Well, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show frequently features white, incredibly thin women. When asked what they meant by diversity, they appeared to favour redheaded and brunette models over models of race. Although there are a few flavours on the runway, the food has mostly been very bland.

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After the cancellation was announced, the company itself stated, “we’re thinking out how to advance the brand.” We hope they mean, “We’re going to make ourselves woke on the definition of diversity,” when they say that.

A powerful petition started by Sports Illustrated plus size model Robyn Lawley in October 2018 urged women to boycott Victoria’s Secret. It included the following statement: “As women, I want us to unite and say I AM enough, I AM beautiful, I AM unique, and I WANT to see my body shape represented in your shows or I vow to never buy your product again.”

Even Kate Upton has said on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” show that their sleek appearance is a “snoozefest.”

As a result, women in and out of the industry have experienced eating disorders and a warped sense of self as a result of such a widely publicised and praised programme. There is no justification in this day and age for any brand not to be body positive or culturally inclusive.

Furthermore, Jeffrey Epstein has been connected to the brand. The millionaire who has a history of abusing women and young girls. Thanks, but no.

We eagerly await the inspiring runway show that the lingerie industry will replace this with, featuring brands that honour stunning women of all hues and sizes. Furthermore, the lingerie is superior to VS.

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