Viktor & Rolf’s Hilarious Meme Dresses Are Our Feminist Heroes

When you think of fashion week, you typically picture skinny, barely clad models wearing high-end, stylish, but somewhat formulaic outfits. However, Viktor & Rolf took a more original approach for their Spring/Summer 2019 line.

Social media is utilised to turn ludicrous fashion trends into memes and to remark on other topics. Victor and Rolf made the decision to take the memes into their creative, creating hands rather than letting that happen to them.

V&R employed big, billowing dresses a la Zoolander with massive black words in all caps, inspired by these girl power memes, bringing to mind the instagram account @betches and other sassy feminist slogans seen on social media.

Of course, the clothes went viral and continue to serve as an inspiration for memes that include the heads of famous people placed over outfits with those famous words in place of the slogans.

When the characters say things like “I’m not shy, I just don’t like you,” many women think that this work is speaking to them on a “spiritual level.” “No photos please,” “Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come,” and our personal favourite

 It feels like a long time since a fashion company truly had women’s backs while also making money off of it.

It appears as though we have identified our 2019 heroes after they encouraged many people to express their opinions and started yet another meme movement online (fuelled this time by Viktor and Rolf).

Even though we know these styles aren’t the most wearable and have more of a social and political impact, we’d still like to trade in our wedding gowns for this if we could.

Their ironic garb and impeccable editorial aesthetic are everything we adore about fashion; they are a middle finger to reality and an unforgettable fantasy.

This collection perfectly captures the essence of couture and the amazing reality that we are right in the middle of a generation that is highly responsive to social media marketing.

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