Weird Things That ‘Crazy In Love’ Couples ALWAYS Do

Everyone else cannot grasp the universe that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend enter while you are madly in love. Even though you can see everything around you, you still feel alone on your own fictitious planet. You interact differently with your loved one; you might talk or act strangely or do insane things together. Despite the differences between each pair, they all undoubtedly tried a few adorable small things together. The following actions might seem strange, but if you take them, you can be certain that you are a true pair now.

Combined teeth cleaning

Everybody is accustomed to the fact that couples can easily share a restroom. While in this humid environment, they take showers together without engaging in sexual activity. But tooth brushing is different. When you can brush your teeth in front of another person while putting that white minty thing in your mouth, talking strangely while doing so, then spitting, you know you’re in love. Real intimacy is elevated to a new level when you brush your teeth together. The two of you may now begin a fresh day together after having spent the night together. Or, if you brush your teeth in the evening, it indicates that you will spend some time cuddling and then go to sleep.

Put each other’s clothing on.

It’s sexy when a female wears her boyfriend’s shirt. It’s hilarious when a guy wears his girlfriend’s top or heels. It isn’t a waste of time, either way. It’s kind of nice to see someone you care about dressed in your clothes, even if they appear completely bizarre. There may be additional benefits to couples exchanging clothes, such as sharing. You want to share everything, including your thoughts and opinions as well as your clothes and meals. By the way, in relation to eating.

using each other’s dishes for food

Your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s cuisine is more appetizing. Always. Because they know they would undoubtedly share, some couples even order one plate for two. It’s not that lovers can’t eat on their own. Simply put, every meal enjoyed in tandem is more wonderful.

Use nick names for one another.

Though you could try to prevent it, the moniker will eventually come. Therefore, you should decide whether you’d choose to be a Juicy Popper, Honey Bun, or Cuddle Muffin. Yes, it doesn’t have to be pet-related or that strange. Sometimes, couples come up with some extremely creative nicknames for one another. Even if they may seem strange, those are the ways that people in love demonstrate how well they know one another and how they share a tender, lovely, and intimate moment. something they alone can comprehend.

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jokes that they can only understand

You go through various experiences together, communicate a lot, and begin to share memories. Jokes start to appear then. They are amusing for you two and completely bizarre for everyone else since you came up with them on your own, therefore it makes sense. This amusing predicament may be brought on by something you can recollect. You might gaze at each other strangely and laugh out loud at the sound of even one phrase. The neighbors may find that annoying because they don’t understand what it means. However, you don’t want to elaborate. You weirdos want to keep your jokes to themselves!

Wear complementary attire.

Of course, you don’t want to appear identical, and you’re not one of those couples that go out of their way to get similar t-shirts. But in all honesty, that does happen occasionally. You just don’t understand how it works, but every single one of you picks out a yellow T-shirt from your wardrobes, and you combine it with jeans and your footwear of choice (because the pairs of sneakers you bought when shopping together are the best shoes ever). Wearing same clothing may seem silly at first, but on the plus side, it shows that you have a similar sense of style and will work well as a team regardless of what you decide to wear.

bizarre selfies

Selfies taken alone are monotonous. Taking selfies with a friend is far more enjoyable and less embarrassing (when you start doing those weird faces on a camera). Selfies taken jointly serve as a reminder of wonderful times spent by couples. Additionally, when you are in love, you want to capture every second. Even though you may later chuckle at the countless wasted photos, those are indeed you, grinning and laughing hysterically.

Do not be embarrassed to appear odd as a couple. Forget about everyone, be joyful, and cherish your time together if you are fortunate enough to meet and fall in love with another freak.