What Happens When You Stop Washing Your Hair?

You must be aware of the well-known “no poo movement” and may even be considering giving it a try, but there are a few things you should know first. The no-poo movement advocates only utilizing natural materials to wash their hair instead of chemical shampoos. Some folks even go as far as to simply utilize water! What happens then if you go a week, a month, or even a year without washing your hair? Here are a few things you can anticipate.

Hydration of hair

The majority of shampoos dry your hair; it’s what they do! For most of you ladies out there, a decent conditioner is a need, in addition to hair masks to freshen up your hair after all the washing. If you stop using shampoo, your scalp will take over and naturally nourish your hair, which is what it does best. Sebum is the oil your scalp secretes to keep your hair moisturized, nourished, and glossy. But it is also to blame for its gritty appearance! But the first thing you’ll notice is how moisturized your hair becomes.

hair luster

So your hair is now sufficiently oily, but the majority of that oil still collects on your scalp and the ends are still a little bit dry. For a good moisturizing impact, spread all that oil into your hair strands. If you decide to try the no-shampoo option, a beautiful boar bristle brush will be your savior. Its natural fibers will do the task!

Hair Care

The type of hair you have is everything. Your hair health may drastically change after a few weeks of your no-poo experience; it may either be extremely good or extremely poor. Returning to natural oiling may be the greatest option to restore your hair if it is curly or frequently feels dry. Your hair will be strong, lustrous, and clean-looking. Going without a shampoo may result in excessive oiliness and a greasy scalp very quickly if your hair becomes oily more quickly. See how it feels after going approximately a week without shampoo.

Abandon Hair Products

This means that if you wish to quit using shampoo, you also need to stop using hair products. All of the lotions, serums, sprays, and other hair products you like to use throughout the week are cleaned out of your hair by shampoo on every level. Be prepared for major product buildup in your hair if you stop shampooing. It will probably begin to appear quite dull or even unclean. Also be prepared for certain irritations and difficulties with the scalp.


The stinky hair is one of the ‘no poo’ method’s biggest flaws. Although not everyone who decides to stop shampooing experiences this, the majority of people do. If you don’t wash your hair for even one week, you could get an unpleasant, sour scent that you can’t get rid of. Bacteria will gather in your hair, and if you don’t wash them, they’ll multiply and spread an unpleasant odor. If you participate in sports and frequently perspire, take extra care.


You already know how dirty our environment is, so if you live in a city and decide to stop using shampoo, all that dirt will show up on your hair. You’ll probably feel self-conscious about having dirt in your hair, and the smoke, gas pollutants, and dust you breathe out while you’re out can really aggravate your delicate scalp.


You may already have felt a faint tingle on your scalp after going too long without washing your hair. So get ready for more of it! When you don’t shampoo your hair, discomfort and tingling are frequently experienced (or anything else to take out the dirt and oils). Even if you only use natural dry shampoo, your scalp can become oily and clogged with hair products, which can cause inflammation, irritation, and some fairly unpleasant skin disorders.

Brighter color for hair

Going shampoo-free has many advantages, one of which is the color of your hair. If you enjoy coloring your hair, you are aware of how quickly pigment is removed from hair. And the quicker it fades, the more shampoo you use! in particular if you’re utilizing some wacky bright colors. Your hair color will remain a lot longer if you decide against shampooing.

A new color won’t adhere.

Having said that, if you intend to dye your hair, those greasy, oily locks won’t be able to handle the new shade. For the color to take evenly, clean, freshly washed hair is required. If you want a fresh hair color, it’s preferable to get it done before you stop using your shampoo because all that oil will just mess up the coloring process. Either that, or just maintain your original color!


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