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What Is a Soul Tie?

A connection can take many different forms. A strong, powerful relationship can sometimes form almost instantly between two people and, on occasion, can mark a turning point in your own personal development. For some couples, a connection develops gradually over time, becoming deeper and more important every day. The latter is referred to as a soul tie in today’s society.

How Do Soul Ties Work?

A strong spiritual bond between two people is known as a soul tie, and it produces a mutually beneficial learning experience.
On TikTok and among Generation Z, who are increasingly searching outside the walls of established religion for answers to the big problems in life, the idea of a soul tie has gained traction. According to relationship expert Megan Weks, “the human mind deliberately and subconsciously tries for sensations of safety and significance by leaning toward structures that give shape and perceived comprehension.” In order to find significance in their life, younger generations are turning to spiritual ideas.

This, in the opinion of relationship expert John Ryan De Oca, is especially significant in light of the pandemic. He claims that society is experiencing a spiritual awakening at this time. “COVID [has] shown us] how interconnected we are,” one person said.


The Manfunnel Method was developed by relationship coach Megan Weks.

• John Ryan De Oca, the company’s founder and a relationship expert who lives in New Jersey, is a board-certified nurse practitioner.

So how do soul bonds affect the current situation? Here, Weks and De Oca explain this hot topic and provide wise counsel on how to explore a soul tie link effectively and safely without causing unneeded suffering and misery.

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What Are the Differences Between a Soul Tie, a Twin Flame, and Other Forms of Love?

De Oca sees the phrase “soul tie” as a catch-all phrase for other popular relationship ideas. According to him, “a soulmate is a type of soul bond, and a twin flame is a type of soul tie.” Although we don’t always know what that job will include, these are all spiritual commitments that we were going to make when we met in this world.

This makes sense: If a soul tie connection’s main purpose is to offer a teaching opportunity, it stands to reason that the connection could take many various forms. A soul tie relationship can be platonic or amorous and last for years or just a few days. It can be someone you only only meet once or someone you keep running into throughout your life.

A soul tie relationship can undoubtedly be strengthened by sex, just like twin flame and soulmate relationships, but sex is not always necessary. Your relationship with someone may be a soul tie connection if you have a strong connection to them and their influence on your life has helped you gain new knowledge. De Oca continues, “These partnerships are here to promote progress.” You are developing because of “any form of soul tie.”

Indicators of a Soul Connection

The telltale sign that you’ve discovered a soul tie is an uncommon intensity felt between one or both persons involved, according to Weks. A soul tie connection can be positive or negative. The strongest soul ties are marked by a sensation of intimate familiarity and ease. In more toxic situations, you can discover that you keep coming back to the same person even though you don’t feel fully satisfied in the relationship or that it makes it difficult for you to develop in other aspects of your life. Both the favorable and unfavorable events might offer a teaching opportunity, therefore they can both be regarded as soul tie connections.

The Drawbacks of a Soul Tie

It’s critical to be cautious of any idea or sentiment that encourages you to ignore relationship warning signs or that can be used as justification for continuing to stay in contact with someone who doesn’t add value to your life. According to Weks, “These kind of spiritual labels can lead a person down a path toward poisonous or emotionally damaging settings and cause them to remain in the situation for longer than required.”

Overemphasizing the existence of a soul tie connection might also increase your level of disappointment if your relationship with that individual ends. This editorialization “may [create] immense pain” when we believe someone was “meant to be” in our lives and then they pass away, continues Weks.

A soul tie link might divert your attention from the work you ought to be doing on yourself, so keep that in mind as well. De Oca claims that when we are too preoccupied with someone else, we are actually avoiding ourselves. No matter how strong your relationship with another person may seem to you, it should never come before your own happiness or be used as justification for elevating a less serious fling. Weks says that while embracing spiritual practices may bring peace and direction, “[we] need zero further support when it comes to making sense of hookup experiences.”

Breaking a Soul Tie

All that is required in this situation is a statement of your value as a person and the respect that each of us deserves in relationships, no magic spells or esoteric incantations. While phrases like “soul tie” and “twin flame” may give the impression that a connection is predestined or too strong to ignore, you should never let that, or anything else, diminish the agency you have over your own life and the decisions you make. Keep your standards and boundaries for individuals you let into your life high, advises Weks. “It’s a warning to quit participating if they aren’t working toward a shared objective that feels good to you or if they are really undermining a goal you have for yourself. Remember: Healthy relationships should, for the most part, bring us calm rather than uncertainty, worry, and instability.

It’s also crucial to remember that not all relationships, especially ones based on lust and romance, must last a lifetime. De Oca asserts that it’s crucial to respect the value of getting out there and finding love multiple times, especially before we’re prepared to make a long-term commitment. Your ability to learn from your perceived soul tie connection’s lesson and then let go of it when it is no longer useful to you will be improved by keeping a positive outlook.


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