What Kind Of Ear Piercing Should You Get?

The most prevalent piercing among people is an ear piercing. Depending on the nation and people’s beliefs, some parents choose to pierce their children’s ears while they are still toddlers, while others choose to wait until they start school. Some of us choose to get our earlobes pierced when we are teenagers, while others choose to wait even later. However, earlobe piercings are generally not given much thought because people perceive them to be both common and safe. Now, falsehoods start to circulate when it comes to getting further piercings in the ear. So let’s discuss the various ear piercing types and how each one looks.

Ear Piercing Types

There are various ear piercing styles. They vary depending on whether you are getting the cartilage or lobe of the ear pierced. The healing period and pain intensity both differ depending on the location. Additionally, you need to care for such piercings differently. The general idea is to keep everything tidy and leave it alone, although there are various waiting periods before you can switch the jewelry on each of them.

Names of Ear Piercings

There are, in general, six primary types of piercings: the helix, industrial, rook, conch, tragus, and, obviously, the lobe. But if you really want to identify them all, there are also the upper lobe, orbital, auricle, and dermal piercings, not to mention the forward helix, anti-helix/snug, antitragus, surface tragus, and upper lobe.

Charming Piercings

Upper lobe piercings have recently become highly fashionable in addition to the long-standing popularity of earlobe piercings. They certainly look adorable wearing those tiny earrings, you have to admit. The same is true with adorable little helix piercings, especially if you accessorize with tiny but elaborate jewelry, such as a simple gold band or anything set with a sparkling gem.

The Best Ear Piercings

All piercings have the potential to be stylish, but in our opinion, the industrial, daith, and tragus are the most stylish. Although they do take a little longer to heal than lobe piercings, the end effect is quite remarkable. But in the end, attitude is everything.

Imaginative Ear Piercings

While a helix is cool, a forward helix or a snug are more distinctive piercings in our opinion because of their interesting variants. The anti-tragus and orbital operate similarly. Dermals are really uncommon; you hardly ever see them on humans, and when they’re done well, they can look incredibly delicate and lovely.

A complete ear piercing

Of course, if you wish, you don’t have to choose just one type of piercing; you can get them all. We advise not doing too many at once because doing so can be very uncomfortable, result in an ear infection that will take a long time to clear out, and make it difficult to sleep on that side. However, getting your entire ear pierced from the lobe to the helix might appear quite fashionable if you do it one or two at a time.

The most agonizing ear piercings

Every piercing hurts; it’s a necessary component of the procedure. The fact that you are practically creating a small hole in your ear justifies some paint. However, the intensity of the discomfort can vary depending on where it is located. The rook, tragus, and conch score mid to high on the pain threshold, making cartilage piercings generally more painful and taking longer to heal.


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