What Meal To Cook For Your Crush, Based On Their Zodiac Sign?

While some may view the adage “the road to your crush’s heart is through their stomach” with a grain of salt, we at Herbeauty take it very seriously. Here are the top meals that can impress your crush at the dinner table and go well with their personality and Zodiac sign.

Pan-seared salmon and asparagus for Pisces.

What could be more fitting for the fish sign himself than a filet of expensive fish? It is flavorful and elegant, which appeals to Pisces who typically have more sophisticated personalities and palates. It’s upscale but healthy, and it will appeal to all the appropriate people later in the evening.

Aquarius: Unconventional Indian appetizer

Food plays a significant role in the adventurous exploration of new settings that Aquarians are known for. Cook something different from your typical Western fare, such Muttar Paneer or Aloo Gobi. Just be sure they don’t mind a little spice!

Roast chicken and comfort food sides for Capricorn

These guys are aficionados of the classics and like a nice take on a classic dinner, despite the fact that they undoubtedly have some flair in their personalities. For people with dietary limitations, consider modern variations on Thanksgiving sides served with a main dish like roast chicken or vegetables.

Stuffed Mexican Peppers for Sagittarius

This dish, also known as Chile Rellenos, is ideal for Sagittarius because they typically enjoy a bit of spice with their dinner. This ooey, crunchy, and somewhat spicy dinner will be the perfect fit for your Sag if they enjoy a little spice and a lot of experience in their food.

Scorpio: Gumbo from New Orleans

This dish’s primary protein is shrimp, but you may always substitute a seafood medley or sausage for it. This Southern meal is the perfect reflection of this Zodiac sign’s flavor and attitude. stuffed with okra, herbs, and spices, and you’ll always have their heart.

Gourmet Ricotta Avocado Toast for Libra

Many people enjoy a hot, home-cooked meal, but the Libra values aesthetics and texture just as much as a filling main course. You’re in luck since this avocado toast is adaptable, unique, and provides many of presentation options.

Virgo: Pasta Casserole or Baked Ziti

You can’t go wrong with a hot and cheesy Italian pasta meal because Virgos are comfort-oriented signs that enjoy aromatic, cozy food. If you’re worried that this dish won’t wow your guest, go with the baked ziti alternative instead! In the form of food, it serves as a safe haven.

Leo: Surf ‘n’ Turf or lobster mac ‘n cheese

Because they are proud and noble lions, leos do enjoy luxuries throughout life. This rich and pricey-looking dish will cost much less to prepare at home than it will at a fancy seafood restaurant, making your Leo admirer swoon.

Lasagna with all the fixings for cancer

Cancers tend to be highly giving people by nature, so you’d best improve your hosting game! You could provide a ton of appetizers or you could simply make a lasagna with everything on it. Even though it’s a fairly simple dish, it still involves some planning, which your crush will undoubtedly value and will leave them satisfied.

Pad See Ew, a Gemini

A Gemini enjoys being constantly surprised and aroused, so an unique meal that you may otherwise only find at a Thai restaurant will undoubtedly make for a remarkable encounter. They won’t find it too strange, but they will value the extra work and vibrant tastes of an Eastern cuisine.

Salmon or Beef Wellington, Taurus

When it comes to cooking a meal for Taurus, you might need to brush up on your culinary skills because many of them take delight in being foodies. It’s common knowledge that making beef or salmon Wellington requires a Skype call with mom and access to a number of cooking channels. Or you may get romantic and prepare this dish—sure to be aphrodisiac—with your significant other.

Aries: Huevos Rancheros or a loaded breakfast burrito.

Aries prefers to begin the day on the right foot, with renewed vigor and vitality. Because of this, they would definitely like a protein-rich, delectable main dish like a breakfast burrito or a sizable platter of huevos rancheros. Who could possibly refuse cheesy, bean-filled bliss that is covered with avocado and salsa? These brunch aficionados won’t forget it if you make it specifically about their favorite foods.


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