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What to Write in a Valentine’s Day Card for Every Relationship Stage

Some people have a way with words, while others don’t quite have that same skill. This one is for you if you’ve ever tried to write a considerate, suitable Valentine’s Day card but ended up with a million pieces of torn paper at your feet.

No matter where you are in your relationship, Valentine’s Day texts can be difficult. Even seasoned authors may struggle and end up losing their hair trying to figure out exactly what to put on that blank card. You don’t want to overdo it and spook out someone you just started dating with an overly sappy card because that could lead to an unanticipatedly awkward conversation. However, if you’ve been dating someone for a while and they mean a lot to you, you don’t want to write a card that might come out as corny and have your date’s face slump because of it. It might not be apparent that you care as much as you do. The good news is that you may be sentimental in a personalized Valentine’s Day card without coming across as cheesy by including the right tiny remark or phrase.

Here’s how to handle your Valentine’s Day love message, regardless of whether you’re just starting to date someone, in a committed relationship, or have been married for years.

We’ve even gathered various Valentine’s Day card examples, ranging from humorous to incredibly romantic, so you may choose one that fits the tone of the text you want to write inside if you’re overwhelmed by the whole process.

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The new connection

Avoid making sexual remarks. They might be entertaining, but it’s better not to include them in a card, especially in a new relationship.

You want to be sincere but not overly so while showing someone you’re still getting to know that you care about them. Here are some examples of what you could write:

I appreciate you being my Valentine.
Muah! Valentine’s Day greetings!
Prior to meeting you, my lovely Valentine, I had never been a lover of this occasion.
I’ve enjoyed spending time with you and getting to know you. Valentine’s Day greetings!
“Anyone can grab your eye, but it takes someone unique to catch your heart,” is one of our favorites. — unidentified author

A White Page

You can write whatever you want on this truly original Valentine’s Day card. Your canvas is the card. You are not have to adhere to a particularly sappy Valentine’s Day card that has already been written by another else.

For the Canine Fan

With the help of this adorable drawn puppy, propose to your Valentine. The blank card is ideal if your boyfriend has a furry friend.

Bernie Sanders iconic card

On Inauguration Day, Bernie’s coat and mittens came dangerously close to crashing the Internet. Make the subject of your Valentine’s Day card the meme your new partner was fixated on if that is the case.

The reliable companion, girlfriend, or lover

Valentine’s Day may be the ideal occasion to express to your partner how much you value them and how much you look forward to your future together. Ideas for writing prompts include:

It has been amazing spending the last few Valentine’s Days with you. I hope there are plenty more to come!
To me, you are everything. To my one and only, Happy Valentine’s Day.
“True love stories have no conclusion.” [Richard Bach]
We link up with someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours and fall in reciprocal weirdness, calling it love since we are all a little bit odd and life is a little bit weird. — unidentified author
I was hesitant to approach you when I first saw you. I was hesitant to kiss you when we first met. I was hesitant to adore you until I kissed you. I’m frightened of losing you now that I adore you. R. Yasenek
Grow old with me, is one of our favorite sayings. It gets better from here. Bob Browning

Simple and Direct

It is a small miracle that SOs are still together considering how much more time couples have been spending together this year. Use this card to lightheartedly celebrate that.

For Fans of Schitt’s Creek

Send this charming greeting card to your more composed, level-headed Johnny if you’re the Moira Rose in the relationship.

Card for S’mores

With this charming illustrated card from Hallmark, you may express your love to your partner.

The life companion

The time is now to express your love and appreciation to your sweetheart. You may be as cheesy as you want now that you’ve won them over! Sweet sayings and comments to put on his card include:

“Every love tale is lovely, but my favorite is ours,” — unidentified author
You have always been, and always will be, the love of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day to my ideal partner.
Love is the state in which another person’s pleasure is crucial to your own. Heinlein, Robert A.
“One hundred hearts wouldn’t hold all the love I have for you.” — unidentified author
“I’ve fallen in love countless times… always with you,” is one of our favorite quotations. — unidentified author

A Joke Card

Get this ironic card for the partner who seems to have everything. It will serve as a reminder that you are a gift to them (but you should still get them a present).

Romantic Super Card

Own your emotions this Valentine’s Day and use this simple card to express to your special someone just how much they’ve altered your life.

The Paper Roses Card

Send this lovely 3D pop-up card in place of a genuine flower bouquet. Regardless, it will endure longer than flowers.

On, the Hallmark Signature Paper Wonder Pop Up Valentines Day Card costs $12.99.
A few additional Valentine’s Day sayings for the humorous couples
Valentine’s Day makes February what it would otherwise be: January. — Jim Gaffigan
“I adore being married. It’s so fantastic to find one specific person you want to irritate for the rest of your life.” — Rita Rudner
“I don’t understand why Cupid was picked to represent Valentine’s Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler rushing at me with a weapon.” — unidentified author

Baby Yoda Card

Get this charming Mandalorian card for the Star Wars geek in your life. Your partner or SO will get a kick out of this card.

Word-Play Card

If your SO loves a cheesy joke, a cringe-y pun or is simply a big fan of beans (I’m sure those exist), they’ll appreciate this card, which features a funny play-on-words.

For the Dating App Beau

Meeting someone on an app or online isn’t rare these days, but it was uncommon even a decade ago. Celebrate the technology that allowed you to meet with this cute card.


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