What Type Of Pixie Cut Should You Get

Although pixie cuts have been popular for a long time, they occasionally become quite trendy, like other hairstyles. It’s a terrific idea to cut your hair short if you’ve been considering changing it up. The popularity of pixie cuts is at its height, and summer is a great time to experiment with short hairstyles and cut down on daily hair maintenance. When thinking about getting a pixie haircut, keep in mind that there is no one size fits all style. There are many different pixie cuts, so just because a celebrity you like or a friend has one doesn’t guarantee that the same one would look well on you. The good news is that there is undoubtedly a pixie cut that will work for you. Your face’s shape should be taken into account initially, followed by your hair’s structure. Choosing the right type of pixie cut depends in part on the thickness of your hair. Let’s look at a few different pixie haircut styles in the hopes that it will help you decide which one you like and which one would look best on you.

Vintage Short Pixie Cut

You probably picture the traditional short pixie cut when you hear the term “pixie cut.” It’s the shortest one, where you only leave around an inch of length after cutting off the majority of your hair. It requires the least upkeep. Basically, all you need to do is wash your hair, towel dry it, and you’re ready to go. To create that chaotic look, you might possibly apply a texturizing spray or cream. You’ll most likely be able to simply get out of bed and go most days. If you have an oval face, you can easily pull this one off, but if you have a square, round, or heart-shaped face, you might want to think about other pixie cuts first, simply to get used to it.

Pixie Long Haircut

For those with heart-shaped, square, or round faces, long pixie cuts work well. Here, you are able to leave a little length. Experiment with different stylings to find your favorite. You have the option of leaving the top layer of your hair alone or leaving the majority of your hair a little longer. Some folks decide to only have an undercut at the top. Depending on what makes you more comfortable and what you think best suits you, you can also experiment with other types of bangs.

Straight Pixie Cut

A lengthy pixie cut is definitely your best option if you have curly hair and want to go short. Getting a long pixie cut will allow you to preserve the curls while drastically shortening the appearance of your hair because it has a tendency to curl up and look shorter. If you want to temporarily let your curls go, consider getting a short pixie cut, which will leave you with just short waves and an attractive textured look rather than long curls. You are really in control. But keep in mind that you’ll need regular trims every few weeks if you want to keep your pixie cut looking good. Hair creams will be your greatest friend if your hair tends to get frizzy and you want to maintain your curly pixie cut looking amazing.

Bob Cut in Pixie

A pixie bob cut combines features of a pixie and a bob haircut. You give the back and sides of your hair a very short haircut, but you keep the top layers long and give them a bob-like, wispy trim. The layers that frame your face usually have the longest lengths, while the remaining top layer of your hair gradually gets shorter toward the rear while still touching the nape of your neck.

Thick Hair Pixie Cut

The short pixie cut or the one with an undercut can definitely be easily rocked if you have thick hair. The top layers can be left longer while the back and sides are chopped short. Your thick hair will give you lots of volume to deal with, and this can visibly lengthen your face. Basically, thick hair is perfect for a pixie cut since you won’t need to exert any effort to add volume.

Thin Hair Pixie Cut

Many people who have thin hair are afraid to try a pixie cut because they think it would make them look too aggressive or too flat. Getting a layered pixie cut is crucial here. Although it may seem odd at first, cutting many layers of different lengths into your hair will make it appear thicker and give it more volume. To keep your layered pixie looking nice, all you’ll need is a volumizing and texturizing spray. To avoid weighing down your hair, though, be careful not to use too much product.


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