Who Wore It Best: 12 Dresses Celebs Took Right Off The Catwalk

It’s no secret that celebrities enjoy donning the most renowned designers’ contemporary, chic, and gorgeous gowns. However, we don’t often get to watch them take a dress straight off the runway. A slender model is draped in chiffon and silk on the catwalk one moment, and then a stunning, curvy celebrity wears the exact same dress on the red carpet. It is often difficult to determine who styled the garment best because of the stark difference. Because of this, it is fascinating to see how different celebrities and models style the same outfit. Here are 13 stunning gowns that celebrities wore off the catwalk.

Kim Kardashian – Thierry Mugler

Kim is definitely a pro when it comes to donning body-con gowns, I have to admit. They just complement her figure so well! The same is true of this flirtatious dress, which was obviously designed for a curvier type of lady.

Rihanna – Marques Almeida

You’ve got to give Riri credit; if she wanted to, she could pull off wearing a shower curtain or, in this instance, a purple fur coat. Who in their right mind would even attempt to wear it, I mean? Rihanna would, and she does it in very swanky fashion. This looks much better because of the lipstick and the shoes.

Rihanna – Christian Dior

In the matter of seconds, Rihanna can go from a nasty girl to a princess with style. The model does appear more feminine while wearing the same dress as RiRi, who always seems to look a little bit edgy. That is how she is as a person!

Jennifer Lawrence – Christian Dior

In a chic Christian Dior gown, Jennifer Lawrence is as stunning as ever, and the colour red is ideal for the Red Carpet (duh). I have to confess that she makes the outfit look more lively than it did on the runway model. Maybe the smile is the key.

Jennifer Lawrence – Christian Dior

Both Christian Dior and Jennifer posses a strong sense of fashion. It’s true that this dress caused Jennifer to stumble while accepting her Oscar, but other from that, it’s a genuinely remarkable piece of clothing. On the model, it seems a little dull, especially with that goofy headpiece.

Rihanna – Giambattista Valli

If you wear this striking, flowy dress, you’ll need to make a statement about your personality. Although the strength of the garment overshadows the model, you can still feel Rihanna’s empowerment when she wears it.

Salma Hayek – Gucci

You may or may not like the garment’s style, but you have to admire Salma for dressing so casually in what appears to be a see-through dress. The black one is unquestionably more fashionable, especially when worn with sophisticated red lipstick.

Penelope Cruz – Ralph & Russo

This is an instance of a dress that appears better in person than it does on the runway. But in all seriousness, it’s a wonderful piece of clothing that begs for a special occasion. It should lend more volume to the wearer’s physique, yet despite having a few extra layers on her hips, Penelope manages to maintain her fit and stunning appearance.

Rita Ora – Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is your man if you’re looking for an odd but fashionable attire. Rita Ora is undoubtedly a fan of all things vivid and strange, so it is pretty expected that she would wear something unusual (even though it doesn’t appear familiar, okay). Rita Ora wears this costume with grace and elegance, transforming this strange look into an edgy ensemble, whereas the model, in my opinion, appears like she ran away from a circus performance.

Lucy Liu – Alexander Vauthier

With a skirt that resembles a barrel, there are so many things that may go wrong, yet Lucy Liu looks adorable in this ensemble. It makes her seem younger and has a flirtatious, girly appearance. Her version of the dress, which looks more elegant than the runway version because the skirt is longer.

Katy Perry – Balmain

A outfit that resembles a pink mop? Please, yes! One of the few celebs that could look beautiful in such a ludicrous outfit is Katy Perry. It’s a skill that rivals the power of her voice!

Ralph & RussoJennifer Lopez

For a body-hugging garment to look decent, at least some curves are required. Because of this, certain dresses look even more beautiful when they are worn off the catwalk by a star who is less thin and more at ease with her own body. Jennifer Lopez looks stylish and sophisticated in her ethnic-inspired dress.

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