Who Wore It Best: Model Vs Celeb

Have you ever read through a fashion magazine or seen a runway show and thought, “It’s wonderful, but who else could possible wear this other these model?” Well, celebrities are the answer. Okay, and some quite wealthy individuals who can afford it. However, the truth is that most of the time, a formal event is required to wear some of these runway clothes. It’s not like you’ll just wear a beautiful dress to Starbucks. The waste would be immense. Celebrities then have them modelled to their ideal sizes and don these dresses for a variety of occasions and red carpets. But I have a question that I have been considering for a time. Which celebrities or models wear these outfits the best? Check it out, shall we?


It’s pretty difficult to determine who in this photo wore it best. In this outfit from the spring 2018 couture collection, both the model and Zendaya look stunning.

2.Blake Lively

This one is challenging to choose for a completely different reason. But Blake Lively is gorgeous!

3.Gal Gadot,

Gal Gadot chose to take a photo next to a really dark batman sign, which is why this stunning flowery dress from the Spring 2016 couture collection looks a little better on the model than it does on Gal Gadot. We’re positive it would look a thousand times better if she wore it outside on a sunny day.

4.Jennifer Lopez

More so than the model, J Lo completely owns this yellow dress from the fall 2015 couture collection. While J Lo looks absolutely stunning and radiant in it, it drowns the model. Let’s face it, this dress was designed for a curvy person, and J Lo is the ideal option.

5.Dua Lipa

Doesn’t a model’s appearance of this pink, fluffy dress from the spring 2018 couture collection differ greatly from Dua Lipa’s? On the model, it appears to be really innocent and enjoyable, but Dua Lipa makes it seem a little seductive, or is that just me?

6.Lily Collins

Lily Collins, let’s just say, gave this dress life. Although it appears beautiful on the model, it is very much a Barbie doll dress that you would not even know how to walk in. On Lily Collins, it appears incredibly stylish, elegant, and effortless. She merely has a contemporary Cinderella look.

7.Gigi Hadid

Gigi opted to wear this dress from the fall 2016 couture collection with heels, no belt, and loose Hollywood waves as opposed to the model who wore it with a belt and hat. Gigi, your choice is elegant, but does the model’s version look better? Kinda. Only because we like the more edgy look they opted for on the runway.

8.Chrissy Teigen

With this one, it’s challenging to decide. This dress is from the 2015 spring couture collection, and Chrissy styled it exactly the same way as the model, who looks stunning in it. She even has a similar hairdo to the model. Simply put, they both did a good job of pulling off this look.

9.Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is far too petite to be wearing floor-length dresses with such voluminous skirts. Although she looks lovely in it and it was tailored to her height, this is one of those instances where we believe the model looks better in it. Maybe Kristen would win if it were knee-length or not as poofy.

10.Sara Sampaio

Despite their best efforts, they failed to achieve the edgy look they were going for with the model. However, Sara Sampaio really made this dress work for her by showcasing those ideal long legs. Considerably beautiful, don’t you think?

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