Why 2021 Could Be The Year Ear Makeup (Finally) Goes Mainstream

Some of us have relied on bold lipsticks for the majority of our lives while avoiding learning how to apply elaborate eye makeup. Perhaps you too struggle to create artistic eyeshadow masterpieces and graphic eyeliner looks due to hooded eyelids, or perhaps eye makeup is not your strong suit. In any case, the global pandemic rendered lipstick ineffective (no one will see it under the mask, or it will just smear all over the place). If you’re struggling to express yourself through makeup in the present climate, ear makeup might be the answer. You did read that correctly. It exists and is quickly gaining popularity.

Oddly enough, ear makeup has been popular for a while; it wasn’t created during the epidemic, but the widespread use of masks and facial covers pushed this odd trend closer to becoming popular.

If you give it any thought, it makes complete sense. You might as well find other methods to express yourself if you have to have half of your face covered for both virus protection and personal safety. Many went for the traditional look of shortening and dyeing their hair and donning eyeshadow that was more vibrant, but the true creatives opted to do ear makeup, and we’re sort of like it. It’s novel, enjoyable, creative, and something new to try. We adore the various creative approaches to this trend, and we can only hope that they will encourage you to try out some of them.

No discussion of ear makeup would be complete without mentioning Martha Butterworth, who appears to have been one of the pioneering makeup artists in the field. She has no qualms about decorating her ears with miniature figurines, other small trinkets, and even makeup to create small works of art. Her subjects include everything from floral patterns to strangely amorous settings. Her artistic inventions for her ears can occasionally be spooky and even have religious connotation.

On TikTok and Instagram, some users made an effort to replicate the looks Martha was producing, while others came up with original ideas. It appears that even the fashion industry is prepared to embrace this fad, but with a more understated aesthetic of solid hues and geometric designs.

We adore everything, including simple dots, dashes, and lines, colored earlobes, gold embellishments, and ears covered with glitter, sequins, crystals, and stars. Make sure your ear makeup complements your eye makeup, or add a flash of color to break up a neutral everyday appearance. Since the goal of art is to express oneself, the more original the better; and since art is such an odd medium, you might as well go all out.


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