Why Is It Necessary To Sanitize Your Social Media After A Breakup

After a split, some people wish to remain friends, while others entirely remove all pictures and other memorabilia from their relationship. Here’s why we’re here to back the latter. It may seem trivial to some, but it’s really just pure science.

When you break up with someone, you want them to entirely vanish from your life, which entails destroying any evidence of their existence. It’s a procedure we refer to as “sanitizing,” and it’s incredibly cathartic. Many people find that sanitizing is an effective coping strategy that can help them get over heartbreak. So take charge and quit looking through the page of your ex-S.O.; you deserve better.

1. It will stop those cringe-worthy inquiries

Being questioned about your ex after the two of you split up feels awkwarder than anything. Getting rid of them from your social media accounts will make it obvious that you two are no longer a couple, which will stop the never-ending barrage of inquiries about their whereabouts and how you two are doing.

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2. Take a break.

Having your own space after a breakup is crucial. As we move on from the past, we all change into new people, assuming this new identity as a single individual. A partner-free account represents freedom and can be wholly affirming of life. You don’t have to explain your split to the social media community, but you can post pictures of your new beginning.

3. It’s a detoxifying cleanse.

This is particularly relevant to abusive cycles and unhealthy partnerships. Sanitizing can be a coping mechanism and a kind of workout in that it removes this person from your life with each image and mutes any unpleasant recollections or thoughts. They immediately feel lighter after purging their existence.

4. You merit resolution.

When all you see when scrolling through social media is pictures of cute couples, including the one you once belonged to, it can feel impossible to start a new chapter. If you keep seeing that person’s face, it’s impossible to find closure, but removing them from your page makes it simpler to move on. After doing so, many people report feeling better.

5. Open door for opportunities.

If your account is strewn with the ghosts of ex-boyfriends, how would you know that cute coworker is also crushing on you? Put up some seductive solo photographs instead to let folks know you’re back on the market since they won’t realize you’re not together anymore. Follow our recommendations, and watch as the DMs begin to enter.

6. Time is required

Breakups are physically and emotionally taxing. You are unable to concentrate on your own healing process if you are continuously exposed to pictures of your ex. Turn your attention and energy inside. Allow yourself the time you need to think about and mourn this connection.

7. On occasion, a complete detox is necessary.

Digitally disconnecting isn’t always the worst thing to do. Particularly when you’re attempting to lament the end of this chapter. People constantly present their best selves on social media. Just keep in mind that they are artfully selected photos rather than a true representation of reality. Think about quitting social media entirely. Instead, create a playlist of your favorite songs and go hiking!

8. You can think more clearly.

It’s okay to flick through the good ol’ days on an emo day, but it’s not healthy to stare at them all the time. Instead, get in touch with your network of supporters, socialize, have fun, and create a journal! This is a moment for introspection, not yearning for the past.

9. Excessive social media use makes us compulsive

It goes without saying that it takes time to heal from a breakup, but social media makes it far too simple to incessantly check in on your former. This has the potential to quickly turn sour. Losing a lover can frequently resemble drug withdrawal. We scroll over their page for hours in an effort to replace the sudden reduction in our love hormone. Take a thorough break and unfollow if you don’t want to make it any harder to find closure.

10. It gets rid of triggers

Let’s face it, recalling brighter times that are gone can be somewhat upsetting. If previous posts and photographs are preventing you from moving forward, delete them. If you believe that their behavior is harming your mental health, you can even block them. It’s self-care, not dramatic.