Woman Spends Thousands On Clothes To Look Like Kate Middleton

People all across the world like their royals, despite the fact that the majority of Britons have mixed feelings about them.

Meet German-born Ethiopian resident and mother of two Anna Reichel.To appear like Kate, she has spent more than $4000 on clothing over the last three years. When she gave birth to her child and saw pictures of Kate holding her new baby, she claims it all began. Anna decided she wanted to appear just as nice as Kate Middleton since she thought she looked so young and bright.

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Since then, she has been looking online for Kate’s essential wardrobe items. She claims that Kate frequently dons timeless outfits that are suitable for daily wear. To dress like Kate Middleton, you actually don’t need to be as wealthy as the royal family. Anna acknowledges that the majority of the items she purchased were either on sale or obtained used from thrift shops.But she continues regardless of the cost.

Anna says that her wardrobe is expanding daily and that she currently owns roughly 100 items of clothes that are identical to those worn by Kate Middleton. However, because Kate favours traditional hues and silhouettes, it is simple to put together looks and re-wear items because they match with everything.

Anna’s grandma used to idolise Princess Diana, and her family is from Britain. Anna’s fascination for the royal family presumably started when she and her grandmother frequently watched TV shows about them. While Anna admits that she still enjoys watching content about the royal family, she claims that Kate Middleton is her only real role model and the one she aspires to most closely resemble.

Anna enjoys sharing pictures of herself online looking just like Kate Middleton, and she naturally has a large following of people who feel the same way about the Duchess of Cambridge and her sense of style. Of course, there are others who believe Anna’s passion is a waste of money, but Anna is always quick to point out that the majority of the clothing she collects is purchased from mainstream retailers like H&M, Mango, and Marks & Spencer.

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