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Womanizer Just Dropped the World’s First Biodegradable Pleasure Air Toy

We’re all considering how to live more sustainably on this Earth Day. Perhaps you’re replacing some of your single-use plastic goods with reusable alternatives, or you might be rethinking where you buy your clothes or home furnishings. A biodegradable sex toy probably wasn’t on your list of things to buy today, but now that Womanizer exists, it will be.

With These Eco-Friendly Sex Toys & Accessories, Celebrate Earth Day In The Bedroom.

The Premium Eco, the first biodegradable pleasure air toy in the world, was just produced by Womanizer, the company behind the cult classic clitoral stimulator. The Womanizer Eco genuinely delivers the best of both worlds because the only thing that might be more orgasmic than this toy itself is protecting the Earth.

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The same pleasant characteristics you love about the brand’s flagship product are present in this next-level bedroom necessity: It has 12 intensity settings, is splash-proof and USB-rechargeable, not to mention that it is quite adorable. The most significant feature is that it utilizes the same special Pleasure Air Technology to stimulate the clitoris without physical contact.

What then constitutes the Womanizer Eco? This eco-friendly sex object is constructed of Biolene, a plastic substitute manufactured from renewable resources. And yes, you may recycle it as a result! You probably won’t ever need to (or want to) get rid of the rechargeable battery, though. This intelligent toy also has Smart Silence technology, which prevents it from turning until it makes contact with your skin.

Now, the first iteration of this sex toy was so fantastic that we wrote about how it nearly knocked us out. Prepare for your life to alter as a result of this technology. You’re sure to please Mother Earth if you combine it with these additional green sex gadgets and goods.

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