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Yes, Women Can Get ‘Blue Balls’ Too — Here’s What It Feels Like

Blue balls are a common tactic used by men to guilt-trip women into getting them off. “You don’t know what this feels like,” is frequently said in response. Guys, we actually do, as a matter of fact.

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For those who are unfamiliar, males refer to the tight, churning sensation that occurs when they become aroused but do not experience an orgasm as having “blue balls.” Despite the fact that women lack balls, our comparable sexual organs nonetheless feel irritated when they aren’t allowed to go through the full sexual cycle.

The’s true, women with vaginas can experience the terrible “blue balls,” or that painful, halted-sneeze sensation in our private regions, just like males do. We can’t really point to a specific component of these interior, more complicated sexual organs as the source of our pain, though. Additionally, “blue uterus” isn’t nearly as catchy-sounding. While there isn’t any evidence to support it, OB-GYN Dr. Teresa Hoffman stated to Women’s Health that women experience physical discomfort when they are aroused but an orgasm never materializes.

Similar to how blood rushes to the penis during an erection, vulva owners experience a rush of arousal. If they don’t experience an orgasm, they could get a tight, cramping sensation, which is quite similar to what people experience in their testicles in similar situations. Despite the fact that you could still be feeling emotionally disappointed (what else is new? ), this feeling, which can linger up to 20 minutes after the unsuccessful orgasm, usually passes on its own.

Dr. Fran Walfish, a Beverly Hills relationship psychologist and co-star of Sex Box on WE tv, claims that persons with vagina truly experience this problem rather frequently.

Many women take longer to have orgasm, especially those over the age of 40. They either feel pain in their uterus physically, or they feel frustrated, or both,” Walfish tells SheKnows.

In essence, people with vaginas actually experience “blue balls” a heck of a lot more frequently than people with genuine balls do because they generally have a tougher problem achieving an orgasm in the first place (especially straight women). The next time your guy makes you feel bad for not getting him all the way there, tell him that.

If your spouse is unable (or, in some situations, unwilling) to comply, Walfish says there are several things you can do to get there on your own. When they seek that orgasmic release, the majority of vulva owners turn to manual stimulation of the clitoris. A recalcitrant O can, however, be encouraged by stimulation of other regions, such as the nipples or even the opening of the anus.

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