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You Can Now Pre-Order This Super Stealth, Kink-Inspired Sex Toy Jewelry on Kickstarter

We are all aware by this point that sex toys can take on a variety of forms and dimensions that go beyond those of novelty items you might buy for bachelorette parties. You’ll want to learn about Crave and their newest offering if you haven’t yet been introduced to the subtly seductive world of sex toy jewelry.

We’ve previously recommended Crave’s Vesper vibrator necklace as a cool, understated, and fashionable take on a sex toy that you can subtly rock in your daily life. The ICON (made of leather) and ID (made of silicone) cuffs the company’s most recent design, which takes a more kink-inspired approach to wearable sex toys.

Desire ID Cuffs and ICON

Jewelry is a form of self-expression; it can give a subliminal hint as to who you are, what you believe in, and what you want. Even a hint at your preferred style of play,” according to the brand’s Kickstarter. “At CRAVE, we think that self-expression and intimate pleasure can foster beautiful experiences. 2014 saw the introduction of pleasure jewelry to the world thanks to our Vesper vibrator necklace. A piece of statement jewelry created to draw attention, start conversations, and alter how we express our desires to others.

Regarding the goods (which we had a chance to examine briefly before they were revealed): Both of the two cuff designs can be worn as bracelets with a subtle twist. ICON Cuffs are functional cuffs that you can use for light restraint-play with your partner(s) in private. I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you to always play safely and to always use a safe word.

You can add a personalized message to whichever pair of cuffs you like the best by engraving up to five characters on the ICON Cuffs . This wearable daytime symbol of your unique kinky connection may hold appeal, especially for partners with established D/s dynamics or interests in kink.

The cuffs are currently available through the Kickstarter pre-order and will begin shipping in July 2022 before joining Craves’ other retail offerings later this year. along with some other really cool new products from the company that we can only tease you about.

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