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You Can Score Cake’s Totally Sweet Line of Sex Toys at Target Right Now

The market for sexual wellness products and sex toys has been booming recently. We’re in a particularly awesome time for being able to access the things that make your partnered or solo play feel even better. Couple that with a growing understanding that your sex toys are teammates and not competitors and just a healthier understanding of how healthy (and totally NBD!) it is to masturbate. You can purchase them online through some carefully chosen slideshows created by sex editors who adore you, or you can visit your neighborhood drug, department, and cosmetic shops.

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We’ve been able to find sex toys at Target for a while now (with their PlusOne stock consistently providing customers with affordable options), but there are a few new players in their sexual wellness offerings that you’re going to want to learn about. Hello, Cake!

The company also sells some good lubricants that work well for both solo and cooperative play, as well as a variety of adorable toys for persons with penises and vulvae, such as clitoral stimulators and strokers. The toys and lubes that will soon be available in Target stores and online range in price from $9.99 to $29.99, making them a good choice for novices who want to check out some products without feeling like they’re making a significant commitment.

The products we’ll be looking at on our next trip to Target are listed below.

Stroker Lube Cake So-Low Lotion Low-Grade Lotion

The so-low lotion uses coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, and aloe vera for grease-free lubrication to aid those with penises in masturbating.

Little Cake, you

Most persons with clitorises who desire a strong, very arousing experience should consider suction gadgets. And this one has a great newbie vibe. It’s a terrific addition to any burgeoning collection and clocks in at around $30 with 10 various suction modes that resemble oral sex.


This hand-held vibrating penis stroker is a great option for men with penises who are new to getting a little help with their masturbation routine or for couples who are experimenting with penis-owner sex devices. It is incredibly easy to operate and has 10 different vibration modes.

 Cake/Target Double-Sided Penis Stroker

Another slightly more adaptable stroker choice. Despite not vibrating, it has two distinct entry sites offering a range of sensations, in addition to its ribbed interior.

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