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You Don’t Wanna Sleep on These Sweet App-Enabled Sex Toys from Vibes Only

Here, we adore our sex toys, and we love matching you with the ones that will make your sexual life immensely better. Whether you rely on a single bedside companion or have a growing collection of vibrators that would be banned in Texas, it never hurts to keep an eye out for new bedroom accessories.

So as we enter the holiday season, it seemed appropriate to share one of our most recent obsessions: Vibes Only, which just could offer the high-tech sex toy of your dreams.

These vibrators allow you to reevaluate how you want your orgasms to feel and how you want to get them. They are connected to their own software, which features bluetooth control and audio erotica that your toys may pulse along to.

Vibes Only orders placed before December 12 are assured to arrive before December 25 with regular ground shipping via DHL, and orders placed before December 16 via UPS, since the number of shipping days for the holidays that will get your gifts delivered ASAP is dwindling. You can extend your shopping time by choosing from a few additional shipping choices. (Girls with last-minute gifts, we see you!)

Here are a few of the must-have items that we will definitely be adding to our shopping carts. Send them this story and a gift card if in doubt, and let them pick their own adventure:

Get Wet Set

Only Get Wet Set for Vibes

It’s not necessary for your lubrication to be a dull and uninteresting accessory, which is why I adore the Get Wet Set, a collection of three distinct products that help you get moist during sexual activity. This trio will ensure that your next romantic encounter is anything but dry, with a water-based lubricant (my favorite kind of formula), flavored blow gel (for getting those chores done and making them enjoyable), and berry massage oil for sensuous exploration.

Even their husbands are hooked, according to customers who claim that this sensitive skin-friendly moisturizer works “amazingly well” on dry winter skin.

Threesome Package

Who doesn’t enjoy a trio? But really, you get so much value for your money by purchasing the Threesome Bundle from Vibes Only, which includes Ashley, Rayna, and Gigi, for just $299, saving you approximately $45 overall. These toys provide a whole variety of sexual sensations, including suction, pleasant rumbly feelings, and wearing play. Count me in!

Lucy Bullet

The Lucy Bullet is just like other Bullet vibes in that it is compact, powerful, and extremely dependable. You feel like you’re scoring considerably more than one tiny vibe when two sleeves are provided, one finger-shaped for more focused stimulation and the other curved for G-spot targeted enjoyment. You won’t regret purchasing her; she is Bluetooth enabled and prepared to connect with the Vibes Only app.

The Vibes Only hand towel

If your sexual experience is extremely wonderful, you might need to clean up afterward. For safeguarding your linens or cleaning up you and your partner, we all have our ratty period sex towels or waterproof dog blankets (I swear by mine), but Vibes Only has an immensely nicer alternative: the Vibes Only Cleanup Towel. Soft, understated, and little mischievous “We appreciate you coming! ” design, you won’t feel self-conscious wearing this incredibly useful sex gear.

You won’t want to pass up Vibes Only’s incredibly seductive choices whether you’re still looking for a hot present for a (consenting) loved one or a little something for you and your spouse to play with to unwind after the holidays.

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