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Your Complete Guide to Outdoor Sex That’s Clean, Safe & Actually Fun

Outdoor sex might have been an option for you as an adolescent to hook up far from your parents’ house and get the desired privacy. But as an adult, having sex outside might be on your sexual bucket list, right up there with role playing or having it while being restrained.

It’s comparable to choosing between dining out and cooking at home. Just hits different for one! Outside of the bedroom, outdoor sex has a forbidden vibe, which can be really sexy. Naturally, it takes a little more preparation since in addition to checking the weather, you also need to take extra precautions to avoid being apprehended and charged with a crime.

Location is crucial

You want to pick a location that feels adventurous, thrilling, and unique without engaging anyone who isn’t willing to consent in your sex adventures.

Kiana Reeves, a somatic sex educator, pelvic care specialist, trained doula, and the CEO of Foria, says that, as long as you feel safe and at ease, you can explore sex anywhere. “Getting it on outside, like on your balcony, in your backyard beneath the stars, or even in the wilderness, which can be really liberating, is one way to spice things up,”

places that take precautions

Giving yourself and your partner some solitude (or at least creating a barrier between you and the outside world) can help reduce the danger of being discovered, advises Reeves. “I always urge being cautious of where you are and who might be around.”

a for the first,, to a.s,,,, a, an a, an an an an a There’s a risk your neighbors will see you, but you wouldn’t breach the law and you’re in a safe, private area. additional patio furniture Depending on your physical ability, the available props can improve the experience (because not all of us can go for 10 minutes wedged against a tree without incurring serious injury).

Want to leave your home?

Titanic taught us the unrivaled power of posting up in the backseat and engaging in vehicular sex. According to Reeves, “car sex can provide you some solitude while still obtaining the pleasure from a change of location.”

The best locations for automobile sex are a deserted dirt road, a deserted parking lot at night, or the forest. If you’re in a more residential location, just be careful to stay away from surveillance cameras.

outdoor-themed choices

If you do choose to engage in sexual activity outdoors, choose a location that is as remote as you can manage, such as a deserted beach at night where there is no danger of being seen.

“I don’t believe there are bad places to have sex necessarily, but it’s vital to be aware of potential problems before choosing your spot. Bring a blanket, for instance, because getting sandy at the beach is unpleasant, suggests Reeves.

Sexual assault should be caused by your spouse, not by insects and poison ivy. So prepare to set up a temporary space to improve comfort and cleanliness. Put a yoga mat, blanket, or other covering below you, and bring an additional blanket with you to use as a cloak in case anyone walks by. Even better, erect a tent to keep the gathering private and prevent garbage, rocks, sand, and other debris from winding up in the wrong places.

Seriously, stay out of trouble.

Sex in public places is prohibited in several states, and it may be considered trespassing if it occurs on someone else’s property. The last thing you want from your sexscapade is to receive a citation or arrested, despite the fact that the notion of getting caught could be the biggest turn on. You can choose a low-risk site by quickly researching the regulations in your state and the penalties if you are caught.

Reeves asserts that you are free to tumble anywhere you like as long as you proceed with caution. Since you can’t control who or what might observe you having an intimate moment in a very busy area may not be my first choice, but to each their own! Everyone should be able to accept what and where feels best to them because everyone is unique.

However, you run the risk of being detained by authorities or having a video of your private moment posted online. A child with an irate parent may also notice you and confront you. There are a number of ways that having sex outside could go wrong, so use common sense and stay away from busy places like parks, schools, and other places where kids are likely to congregate.

Packing order

Condoms, lubricant, sex toys, bug spray, water, and anything else you’ll need to make outdoor sex comfortable and enjoyable should be brought with you. Additionally, you can pack personal hygiene items like body and vulva-friendly wipes to remove dirt from every nook and cranny of your body or bandages in case you cut yourself on a rock or branch.

For each date or pleasure outing, Reeves advises carrying some treats and practical essentials. Condoms, lubrication or Sex Oil (make sure the two are functionally compatible of course! ), Arousal Oil, and anything else that makes you feel like you when you’re being intimate should all be packed in a lovely tote or makeup bag.

Take in the moment

Even if having sex outside is your ideal scenario, the act itself can be frightening. Because of this, we place a lot of emphasis on location: be sure you can tolerate being in the location you have in mind. that you’ll be able to let go, forgetting about the trash, shells, or other debris, and completely immerse yourself in the moment.

If you’re feeling awkward on the big day, create a romantic picnic atmosphere and take your time with the foreplay. Perfection is not always possible, especially while having sex outside. It’s meant to be a filthy, sinister trip. However, you can always give it another go if the first time feels too unpleasant or grotesque.

Remember that outdoor sex necessitates a certain amount of trust. It gives you the chance to experience something new, and it’s best experienced with someone who is prepared to take precautions and is courteous.

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