You’ve Never Seen Nail Art Like This Before

These days, nail art is everywhere. People can no longer be surprised by a simple bold colour or shape. Funky designs are in right now. And we believe we’ve found the wackiest nail technician ever. Russian nail art chain Nail Sunny is known for their amazing nail art creations. They are capable of much more than just various intricate drawings and designs; they can also create 3D figures. Look at this.

1. Don’t you think this is the ideal choice for dentists?

2. Do you fit into a bikini? This woman has ten!

3. When you want nothing more than to board a rocket and leave this planet because you are so tired of it.

4.We don’t have a clever remark to make about this. Simply put, it’s really lovely.

5. Pepsi or Coke? You are aware of what this girl favors.

6. Excellent option for baby showers, am I correct?

7. Do you also love Sailor Moon? Because this girl is undoubtedly freaky and is proudly waving her freak flag.

8. We absolutely adore McDonald’s.

9. Don’t you think this is just magical at this point?

10. If you’re feeling especially.

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