Zodiac Fashion Illustrations By Shamekh Bluwi

Shamekh Bluwi is a talented illustrator from Jordan who originally gained notoriety for his cut-out illustrations that featured landscapes as garments. He currently serves as the creative director for Dezaine Space and is a founding partner of the interior design firm RuknDesigns. Shamekh Bluwi is a gifted individual with good taste. Shamekh appears to be working on something new all the time, so we thought we’d share some of the intriguing Zodiac fashion illustrations we’ve been seeing on his Instagram recently. We advise you to visit Shamekh’s Instagram account since he accurately describes the features, likes, and dislikes of each sign with his gorgeous zodiac illustrations.


Look at this interesting decision Shamekh made right here. It’s a mermaid outfit on the one hand and the traditional emblem for Aquarius on the other. Is that not clever?


The garment has been designed with the actual Pisces sign included, which you might not recognize at first glance. If you look closely, you can see two fish that are intertwined, and the tails of the fish are used as ruffles on the dress.


What a lovely and elegant clothing… well, what is that? Not only are those puffy sleeves, but they also represent Aries.


The enormous Taurus symbol that dominates the dress’s centre makes this one very evident, but we also believe the girl’s haircut adds a beautiful touch.


Recognize it? The outline of the dress is formed by the two girls in the middle, who stand for Gemini, and their flowing hair.


If you weren’t aware of it, you probably wouldn’t have noticed that the dress features the Cancer symbol because it is so expertly incorporated into the style. Gotta love such ingenious layouts.


Although a little on the nose, this is very attractive. I love how the hairstyle and the dress both feature the lion’s mane.


It may appear to be a sloppy sketch at first, but a girl’s face is actually included in it to represent Virgo. Recognize it?


I’m partial to this one because I’m a Libra. It’s a great idea to incorporate scales into the dress, and it looks fantastic. That’s something I can see some celebrities wearing to the Met Gala.


Also very cool, I adore the gothic vibes of the Scorpio dress. This could serve as a good starting point if you ever need Halloween costume inspiration.


Why does this feel so regal to us? It’s probably the colour scheme, but the design is also really, really cool. 100% would wear to a red carpet with a theme.


The best was saved for last. Simply because of how clever and intricate this particular design is, this one is my favorite. Capricorns enjoy being unique.

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